It hadn't been a bad last week in Fandom. Between being social, seals, presents, and reality TV, it was certainly memorable. Even if the good-byes weren't so much fun.

There wasn't much left to pack. But Isabel was taking her time doing it.

The door was open.

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It was Saturday night. Which meant Isabel was curled up with popcorn watching a bad Skiffy movie.

"This has to be a new record," she told the TV. "Thirty minutes in and still no sign of a plot."

The door was open.
It hadn't been the weekend Isabel had planned on. She'd been grabbed on her way to town and spent two days in Tartarus screaming.

But she'd finally been rescued and made her way back to her room.

Cold, tired, and worried about what Wyatt was doing in the midst of all this, Isabel pulled a blanket around her shoulders and curled up on her bed to wait for him.

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After leaving Cal's room, Isabel had done just what she'd said she would, gone back to her room and immediately gone to sleep. She wasn't sure when Wyatt had turned up, all she knew was at some point there was a warm body to snuggle up to.

Isabel was in the midst of a pleasant dream, and certainly not ready to wake up, when suddenly there was an announcement.

"You've got to be kidding me."

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The weekend had been fun. Between Johnny's party, congratulating Bridge, and then last night's pyrotechnics it had also been quite social.

Isabel hadn't gotten back to her room till late the previous night, which meant she didn't check her voicemail till that morning. Once she heard Bridge's message, Parker's frantic message suddenly made sense.

Xander and Bridge were going to hell she realized with a laugh. Figuring they might want some company, Isabel waited till evening to finally call Parker back.

The door was open.
Other then talking to Xander, Isabel's day had been fairly quiet. After closing the store and getting some dinner, she went back to her room and tried to get things organized so she could start packing. There wasn't all that much time left.

The door was open.
Isabel spent the afternoon unpacking and getting settled back into her room. Now she was sitting with her laptop, laughing at what Maria had shared with her on Google Reader.

The door was open.

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Isabel was used to bad dreams; nightmares really, of Antar, of Kivar and that dark room. And more recently nightmares of what had happened when she'd been taken. Sometimes she never managed to take control and just remained, trapped in Meris' mind. Other times that confrontation on the beach went much differently and ended with someone she loved dead.

But this was different. Amorphous and fleeting, Isabel couldn't make sense of it. She just knew it disturbed her enough that she wouldn't be going back to sleep anytime soon. Slipping carefully from the bed so she didn't disturb a sleeping Wyatt, Isabel perched on the windowsill to watch the sunrise over the island and think about the last few days.

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Keeping in mind her conversation with Dean the night before, Isabel made a call and left a message. Then she opened the laptop and started the movie she'd downloaded the night before.

Ten minutes into it she was facepalming. There was a whole lot of really bad dialogue. She wasn't sure the pretty could make up for it.

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To say the past few days had been busy was a bit of an understatement. But Isabel was glad that Max and her parents had made it for her graduation. Even if things did get a bit insane.

But her family was gone now, on their slightly longer trip home, and Isabel was taking the opportunity to sit and relax.

And wish like hell a new season of The Amazing Race was going to start anytime soon.

The door was open.
The weekend had been bittersweet at best. It had been wonderful to actually meet Victoria and all her cousins. But significantly less wonderful to find out that there was a reality where Wyatt and Savannah never made it back from Cairo in the past. Still it had been fun to spend time as a family and get a glimpse of what the future held.

But after a loud and crazy dinner, they'd had to say good-bye.

She'd spent most of Tuesday cleaning her room in preparation for her family visiting this weekend before finally settling down on her bed and flipping on the TV. Hopefully the boys of the Bering Sea would be a good distraction.

The door was open.
Wyatt had handwavily found Victoria at Caritas and called Isabel to tell her to meet them back at her room. After getting their daughter cleaned up and settled into the spare bed, Isabel sat down on her bed and sighed.

"This is just preview of what life is going to be like isn't it?"

[For the baby daddy!]
It had been one of those days.

But it was over and everyone was at least physically okay. As far as mentally, Isabel was afraid that might be another story.

It was only after Wyatt had orbed them back from the preserve and they'd gotten cleaned up and were curled on the bed that Isabel finally spoke. "Talk to me?"
The trip to England had been just what Isabel needed. It was nice to spend time with friends. There'd been ogling and sight seeing. And phone calls. One of which still made her giggle even though she probably did owe Phoebe flowers.

But it was nice to be home.

Isabel picked up her phone and left Wyatt a message. She'd missed him she realized. And not just because she'd been away, but because of the awkwardness caused by his going evil and the whole being a guy for a day thing. She wanted to get past that. To get back to the way things were supposed to be. It would be the best birthday present she could give herself Isabel realized. Which would be why she was going around her room lighting candles. A little romance couldn't hurt.

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After finally finding handwavily talking to Chris late yesterday, Isabel had finally gone back to her room.

Sleep wasn't an option for a lot of reasons.

Instead she grabbed her laptop and started to google.

It was amazing what you could find in some of the more obscure corners of the internet. Hours later she had pages of notes and print-outs. Of course since Isabel had pretty much no experience with magic, most of it was so much gibberish.

It was time to call in people who had a clue.

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It was still dark out when Isabel woke up from a very vivid dream involving castles, dragons and, for a change of pace, the princess saving the prince. She turned to snuggle back up with Wyatt then frowned when she realized he wasn't there and was instead asleep in the other bed.

Then she remembered why he was over there.

Isabel sighed as she remembered the make-up, the tabasco soaked pancakes, and god help her, the puppy love. She only hoped there weren't many pictures.

With a grin, she climbed out of her bed, climbed into the other bed and snuggled up close to Wyatt. Within minutes she was back asleep.
Saturday had been busy, but today had been even busier. Isabel had had a very busy day. In fact it had been so busy that Wyatt didn't catch up with her until he handwavily found her in the common room with the polar bear. They went back to her room where Isabel managed to get herself cleaned up (although there might have still been some blue eye shadow smeared in the corners of her eyes) and dressed in her penguin pajamas. That was when she got the bright idea to make a phone call.

Once Wyatt hung up the phone, Isabel yawned once more. "I'm tired."
Isabel had woken up hungry. Wyatt was still sleeping and she knew it wasn't nice to wake big people up on a Saturday morning, so she quietly slipped on her bunny slippers and went in search of food.

A while later she returned with a plate full of pancakes (although to be technical it was more syrup and Tabasco then pancakes) and set them on the desk. After looking at the clock, and she could tell time because she was a big girl, she decided it was time to wake up. So she poked him hard in the side. "Wyatt! Wake up! I've got breakfast."
In her thankfully droid baby-free room, Isabel was working on a list. She'd gotten the letter from Cornell. She'd been accepted. Now it was just a matter of making a decision between there and UNLV.

So far UNLV was winning. It was closer to New Mexico and California after all.

The door was open.
They'd done what they'd set out to do. The angels were trapped.

Now it was just a matter of waiting.

Isabel hated waiting.

The door was closed.

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