Isabel had enjoyed catching up with people over Homecoming Weekend. But seeing all the graduates had reminded her once again how quickly things changed, and how quickly her own graduation was approaching, which meant she really needed to start figuring out what the hell she was going to do about college.

She had a mission. That mission meant Isabel spent most of Sunday in her room looking through various career planning websites and searching through college application requirements. It also meant she didn't have to think about the Homecoming dance and a decision she was going to have to make.

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Unable to get to sleep, Isabel flipped on her light and reached for a book. But once she opened it, she found she wasn't able to concentrate on the words on the page. Instead she thought back on the day. Surprisingly, saying goodbye to Aeryn hadn't been as hard as she thought it would be. It wasn't that Isabel wasn't going to miss her, maybe it was just that she'd gotten numb from too many goodbyes over the last few months. The football game had been fun and an unexpected call lifted her spirits enough that realizing what day it was didn't send her into an emo tailspin.

So there really wasn't a reason for her to be awake. Except the one on her calendar. August was coming closer.

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Isabel had reluctantly left Jack in his room with Cedric. She'd wanted to stay, afraid his return was just a dream, but she knew that both Jack and Cedric needed to talk. Besides, she had to make a call.

After much squeeing, and a little bit of worrying, Isabel hung up the phone and stared at the ceiling, thinking over the last few days. The barbeque for the Fourth had been a blast. Goofing in the water with Cedric was fun, and it seemed like Karal enjoyed learning to swim. It was good to spend time with Aeryn since there was so little time left. Isabel was glad to hear that her advice to Dick had helped, and even more glad that Bridge would talk to Steve Peter. Then, there were fireworks. They were mostly literal, but still very enjoyable.

The door was open.
Monday had been busy with workshops. Tuesday was library, dress shopping and a surprise call from her mom inviting Isabel to drive up to Baltimore and spend a day or two with with her parents while her dad met with a client.

She'd returned late Thursday night so she wouldn't miss Flight or the Fun Run and boy was she glad she did. Although of course now Isabel was wondering who was going to buy dinner.

There wasn't much to unpack, so Isabel quickly hung it up, then reached for the novel she'd picked up at the hotel.

The door was open.
After getting a few hours sleep this morning and then a handwavey because OMG RL kicked my ass today trip to town to talk to the sheriff and have ice cream with Peter, Isabel returned to the cabin well before dark and sat down to write a letter.

Dear Jack )

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May. 22nd, 2007 08:01 pm
Dear Jack,

Hi. I'm not sure if you'll ever read this, but I stopped by the post office today and Katara told me about the mailboxes. Supposedly they can reach any time, any place. So I'm hoping a letter addressed to Jack Harkness, c/o The Time Agency, 51st Century will actually reach you. A girl can dream can't she? But if you do get this? You better write back.

Workshops have been interesting. I crashed the flight simulator in flight. Oops... But I did get to have some fun on a help line in Stupid People. Yes, I'm taking a workshop called How to Deal With Stupid People. Sadly smacking them is not an answer.

I'm on library duty again. Tuesdays now. We'll be cleaning up after the mess caused by graduation and the school blowing up for weeks.

Mostly though I've just been spending lots of time hanging out with people. There was another luau. Remember that last year? How much fun it was? I made Cedric another Hawaiian shirt. We're looking out for one another just like we promised.

There's been wackiness. Poor Gavin and Luke might never recover. There's also been fun at Theodoric's. And don't get too excited, but I had a sort of date. With Peter. It was fun.

I can hear you saying "I told you so" from here.

Shut up.

All in all things are pretty good. Except people keep leaving.

And well, I miss you. But you know that. Don't forget it.


It was weird being back in the cabins. Used to the quiet of her room, the noises of other people breathing and moving about as they got ready for bed reminded Isabel of her time in the Royalist camp in Antar.

Not willing to dwell on that unhappy time, she focused on the events of the last two days: laughing with Katara, giving Jack her memories, John and Aeryn's engagement party, the move to the cabin.

Really the only unhappy event had been saying good-bye to Peter. But given her new belated birthday present, Isabel wasn't willing to rule out a road trip before August.

She refused to think about what she was going to have to do tomorrow.

Waving her hand, she turned on the star light, then stretched out on her bed and closed her eyes.

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After a the hectic pace of the last few weeks, Isabel was grateful for some downtime, even if it meant she had too much time to think about fun with the kids and saying goodbye.

But things were slowly returning to normal. She'd covered library, had breakfast with Cedric, spent time with friends, and fulfilled StuCo responsibilities. Looking at the two packages sitting on her desk, Isabel realized that some things had slipped through the cracks. She made two phone calls then settled down to do some studying.
The first few days of spring had been enjoyable, even if Isabel did spend a lot of time worrying about various people. But there had still been time for fun as well as a bit of insanity.

Library had been quiet, and Hunting fairly low key which good. Because as the afternoon progressed, Isabel found out that while aliens might not get sick, they can apparently suffer from massive allergy attacks if the pollen count got high enough. Uncertainty about how she'd react to any antihistimine meant that Isabel was reduced to sitting with a box of tissues in her lap and sneezing a lot.

The door was open.

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Still feeling fairly relaxed after much pampering at Theodoric's, Isabel stretched out on her bed and watched the wee pengiuns race around her room as Annie half-heartedly gave chase.

The door was open.
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Even though she'd only been gone a week Fandom time, Isabel was cleaning her room like it really had been left closed up for six months. Reorganizing drawers and closets, scouring the bathroom, dusting every available surface, meant she didn't have to think about last night's conversation, or the worried voicemails and emails from her parents she's avoiding answering. It meant she could pretend she wasn't woken up by nightmares this morning.

The door was open, the radio was blaring the Rolling Stones, and Isabel was on her hands and knees in the bathroom, attacking the grout with a toothbrush.

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Warm cat curled up on her feet, plate of brownies and a glass of milk on the table next to her, and Isabel sat back with her book and relaxed.

So far it had been a perfectly wonderful and relaxing break. There'd been mocking of the beautiful and famous, an unexpected return, hanging out with friends and lots of snow. Aside from tomorrow night's trip with Parker, Isabel planned on doing more of the same till her first class on Tuesday.

The music was playing and the door was open.
Over all it's been a good weekend. The dance was wonderful, and weetiny adults were amusing and entertaining. Even if some of them did leave weird phone messages.

The overall good mood allowed her to forget about any weirdness, well other then being grateful that it didn't seem to have a lasting effect. It also let an unexpected conversation count as odd, rather then disturbing.

The door was open and Isabel could be heard occasionally singing along as she cleaned her room.

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Lonnie slowly woke up, cursing quietly because her head hurt so badly. Without moving, she thought back over her night, trying to figure out what the hell she did to make it feel like she and Rath had spent the night drinking, smoking and playing some of their more kinkier games.

She remembered hanging out on the street corner. That one guy was hot but there was no way she was gonna pay. Then the two other likely prospects got distracted by that bitch. The bar looked like a good place to pass some time, even if the old guy did want to see ID.

Then she left...and met up with that blonde and her furry friend. It was all a blank after that.

A soft rumble caught her attention. Lonnie waved her hand and the lights came on. "The hell?" she yelled, staring at the thing sleeping on her floor. She picked up the nearest thing at hand, a book, and threw it.
Isabel yawned as she unpacked after her week in LA. It might not have been relaxing, but it had certainly been fun. Between visiting art museums, Disney, enjoying the view at Muscle Beach and then the New Year's Party, they'd been busy. Still it was nice to be home and still have some time to relax before the new semester started.

Annie was playing with a catnip toy and the door was open.
Isabel had tried to be mature and blase about going to Disney. But by the time they'd gotten their tickets, gotten into the park and were standing on Main Street, she was pretty much bouncing with excitement. "Okay, where do you want to go first?"

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Isabel had reached the point where studying just wasn't happenening any longer. A quick phone call had Parker appearing, loaded down with gifts.

The door was open, the carols were playing, Annie was wearing a wee Santa hat and Parker and Isabel were laughing like demented elves as they ate chocolate and drank eggnog while waiting for people to come by so they could hand out holiday presents.

[Assume handwavey phone calls telling their friends to stop by!]
After starting the day at the gym and then dropping Benjamin off at Sam's Isabel went off to Tortall for Alanna's Ordeal. The trip had been both fun and exhausting. She'd met some of Alanna's friends and had long talks with both Bel and Angel. But through it all she still worried about Cedric.

After unpacking and spending so quality time with Annie, Isabel stretched out on her bed and dozed off, only to wake when she heard her phone ring. She got to it just as the call went to voicemail, so she waited a minute then checked the message. She was halfway out the door when she realized that Jack probably would not want to be disturbed. Morning would come soon enough.

Smiling, Isabel went back to bed and quickly fell back asleep.



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