Isabel was used to bad dreams; nightmares really, of Antar, of Kivar and that dark room. And more recently nightmares of what had happened when she'd been taken. Sometimes she never managed to take control and just remained, trapped in Meris' mind. Other times that confrontation on the beach went much differently and ended with someone she loved dead.

But this was different. Amorphous and fleeting, Isabel couldn't make sense of it. She just knew it disturbed her enough that she wouldn't be going back to sleep anytime soon. Slipping carefully from the bed so she didn't disturb a sleeping Wyatt, Isabel perched on the windowsill to watch the sunrise over the island and think about the last few days.

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Keeping in mind her conversation with Dean the night before, Isabel made a call and left a message. Then she opened the laptop and started the movie she'd downloaded the night before.

Ten minutes into it she was facepalming. There was a whole lot of really bad dialogue. She wasn't sure the pretty could make up for it.

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Despite having fun at Alec's party last night, Isabel wasn't in the greatest of moods as she wandered about her room straightening up. Her package hadn't been delivered and she'd had to say goodbye to both Alanna and Greg.

Grumbling as she put the last of her clean laundry away, Isabel flopped down on the bed and reached for a book.

The door was open.
After enjoying way too much ice cream last night, and then stopping by to make sure the wee time agent and wizard were tucked in, Isabel returned to her room and actually had a relatively peaceful night's sleep. Up early, she stretched and went for an extended run about the island, enjoying the good weather.

After a shower and lunch, she called her mom to fill her in on the details of the weekend.

The door was open and there was a broom sitting on the extra bed.
The day had certainly started well with breakfast and pretty scenery. Sadly the rest of the day hadn't been as exciting. After spending a few hours starting at the phone and debating calling Roswell, Isabel finally gave in and watched the torrent of the new Mr. What episode.
So the week hadn't been going too badly. Isabel had spent time with Cedric and Jack, contemplated a career as a jewel thief with Parker, signed a petition, hunted zombies and played at angels and demons.

Then she had a conversation.

Isabel sighed and stared at her phone. Talking to Greg only reminded her that she had yet to call her parents or anyone in Roswell. But she still had no idea what to say.

Looking for anything else to think about, she turned to Annie, giving her the barest smile as the cat stared at the sealed shut sock drawer in the dresser.

The door was open.

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It had been a very quiet Sunday for Isabel. After being up half the night, she finally fell into a deep sleep after the sun rose. After a visit to the gym, she returned to find a voicemail waiting for her. Shaking her head, she hoped Alec was doing okay.

At some point she was going to have to go out and spend some time in the common rooms, Isabel realized. But for now it's easier to stay in her room and read and think. Settling down on her bed, she started reading through her notes for Revolutions.

The door was open.
Isabel had spent the day hiking through the preserve, using the time and the quiet to try and process the events of the last few months. A week with friends had helped and she was finally starting believe that being back wasn't just another elaborate dream.

After returning, Isabel settled down for a quick check of her email before starting her homework. Frowning at Sam's message, she thought for a long moment before typing a response and then leaving a voicemail. Still distracted, she put the laptop aside and tried to focus on her homework.

The door was open.
Isabel woke up after a much needed nap and stretched, thinking about the events of the last twenty-four hours. Only in Fandom could a simple movie night with friends turn into a collective nightmare. And despite knowing everyone really was okay, she'd still been too keyed up to sleep although the visit to Jack had helped calm her nerves enough that she'd been able to visit Phoebe and then get to her classes.

With a sigh, Isabel climbed out of bed and began to get ready for the dance.

The door was closed but completely knockable.
It was late when Isabel finally got back to her room. As she got changed and ready for bed, she thought over her day. She'd chatted with Door, met her rather unfriendly little brother, spent some time ogling the scenery and possibly being featured in Alec's fantasies, and met some new people. Tannim was very nice but Isabel wondered if it was worth starting a pool on how long it would take before someone smacked Dick.

She'd caught up with Parker and Peter, then been delighted to find out that Jack was back.

Settling down on her bed, she reached for her favorite Angelica Desmesnes novel and started to read.

After a Thursday that included finals, playing Santa with Jarod at the Perk, delivering presents to Parker, and then running the coffee cart, Isabel was ready for a quiet day.

The door's open and Isabel is sprawled on her bed watching the few Christmas movies they didn't get to watch last night.

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The last few days have caught up with Isabel. Between the Jello dragons, the slumber party, the common room, the road trip to Blue Cove and then the Fourth of July Party, she's exhausted. But it was worth it to spend time with Greg watching making fireworks, to warn Cedric about the need for sunscreen and then teach him how to boogie board, ponder boyfriends with suicidal tendencies with Aeryn, and to discuss damsels in distress with Bel and Jello dragons with Cam.

But now it was time to recover. After karate, she returned to her room to hide and relax for the day. Isabel had just completed an email to Maria, filling her in on recent events when she she noticed an email still sitting in her inbox. Picking up her phone, she called a number and left a message.

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