So last week had pretty much sucked. What with the fighting and the disappearing and the dramatic gestures and filling people in.

But ultimately they'd won. People returned. And there was celebrating and breakfast.

Returning to Roswell and finding everything the way it was supposed to be had been a relief. Finding out all her exams were over when she'd returned the Las Vegas a day later had been an even bigger relief in some ways. It meant she had more time to focus on catching up with all the holiday planning that had been disrupted by the world almost ending.

Three days later, after a massive online shopping spree and an afternoon spent decorating the apartment, Isabel was willing to admit she'd caught up as best she could and that it was time to relax.

With a bridal magazine.

Beware the OCD organizer girl on a mission.
Somehow Isabel had managed to keep the conversation fairly light when she'd met Parker in the Perk the night before. The other girl was too travel-lagged and over-tired to deal with news about missing friends and Isabel figured she'd appreciate a night's sleep before having to face the current reality.

Because reality was better faced with food, Isabel was in the kitchen quietly making breakfast. And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

[For the housemates or anyone else looking for the alien girl. One of the kidlets is sick so I'll be home and pretty much around all day.]
Isabel had returned from the Reserve meeting and was talking things over with Wyatt when suddenly he'd orbed away.

And left her behind.

She was going to kill him when he got back. But until that happened, Isabel was going to pace the living room and worry.

[Expecting two but open to calls, texts or any other visitors or residents]
While the April Fool's Dance had been enjoyable, in retrospect Isabel wasn't surprised that the island decided to play a giant prank of it's own.

Ordinarily that wouldn't be a problem. After five years, both she and Wyatt had a routine for dealing with Fandom weirdness. Facepalm a lot on Monday morning, talk it out, and then life moved on. Except this time life got in the way. An early class meant they couldn't talk that first morning. Then there had been work, and papers to write, and a few demons that just refused to be vanquished in timely manner.

Isabel understood why Wyatt didn't want to leave Chris handle the situation on his own, but she reserved the right to be a bit cranky both about unresolved issues and about spending her birthday alone.

[Open! SPish till about 8.]
After the utter suck of the previous week, this week had actually started off pretty well. Mostly. But that was something she wasn't going to think about because it still made her frustrated.

Instead she'd think about the newest bout of Fandom Weirdness. The angels.

She'd spent the day at Pixie Dust making phone calls, writing a letter, and researching. Her research hadn't turned up anything useful, although fortunately other people had. Hopefully they'd be lucky in their searches. For now Isabel was more focused on worrying about who hadn't returned her calls.

She flipped on her TV but even bad reality TV wasn't going to help as a distraction tonight.
Isabel woke up and immediately reached for her stomach. "Oh thank god," she muttered as soon as it was clear she was no longer HUGE. But then she started to remember the weekend - Her gay boyfriend, interviewing and crying on Anakin, Rath, and the craziness that was Caritas.

As far as wacky weekends went, she didn't feel too flaily. At least she woke up alone. But apologies to Anakin and Professor Rodgers for thinking they were crazy-cakes was probably a good idea. And Isabel was pretty sure Michael was going to have questions about Rath, a realization that made her revise her view on how flail-worthy the weekend. Because that was going to be another uncomfortable conversation of answering questions without saying too much.

After showering and getting dressed, Isabel realized there was still time before class.. For a moment she debated going to check up on Wyatt. But if he wasn't alone, well...that would be awkward. Instead she decided to head up to the fifth floor and explain Fandom weirdness to Michael.
Reality TV common room - Johnny, Wyatt, Charlie

Pixie Dust - Jaina, Hoshi, Mary, Robin, Anders

Park with Anakin
The break week had started out fine. Isabel had helped Principal Washburn get rid of the pink, had dinner with Wyatt and spent time on the beach. Then she'd talked to Anakin. The quiet mood she'd been in after talking to him persisted and Isabel spent the day in her room reading and trying her hand at some sudoku puzzles.

The door was open.
Between library and class, common rooms, helping out and visiting lots of people Isabel's kept herself busy for the last few days.

But tonight she's doing what she's put off for too long, and cleaning and organizing her room. Some of it will go home with her. The rest? Well, at least it'll be neat if someone has to clean it out.

The door was open.
Peter had been quiet during the walk back from the barbeque, and he slipped away to his room as soon as they reached the fourth floor. Reluctantly Isabel let him go.

She let herself into her own room and flopped down on the bed, thinking back over the last twenty four hours. The the beach had been lots of fun. Even if some conversations were decidedly unhappy. Fortunately other conversations made up for it. Breakfast had been entertaining and she'd been able to help Aravis.

All in all, life was good. She should be happy, but Isabel couldn't forget how quickly August was approaching.

Flipping on the radio, she stared at the ceiling.

[ooc: StevePeter modded with permission. post is open.]
Monday had been busy with workshops. Tuesday was library, dress shopping and a surprise call from her mom inviting Isabel to drive up to Baltimore and spend a day or two with with her parents while her dad met with a client.

She'd returned late Thursday night so she wouldn't miss Flight or the Fun Run and boy was she glad she did. Although of course now Isabel was wondering who was going to buy dinner.

There wasn't much to unpack, so Isabel quickly hung it up, then reached for the novel she'd picked up at the hotel.

The door was open.
Isabel returned from the Music Festival and started packing for the trip to New York. Sorting through her clothes, she thought about Flight class. It was good to see Anakin looking a little better, and she was glad that it seemed like things were going to work out with Johnny.

Her phone beeped, indicating a voicemail so Isabel checked her messages. She recognized Karal's voice but didn't understand the message. Molly's message made things a little clearer as Isabel remembered the mis-directed phone calls from last year. Molly's message also made Isabel wonder exactly what was up with Molly and Karal. But that was something she and Dawn could figure out over the weekend.

She'd just put the phone down on her desk when it beeped again. This time she recoginzed Peter's voice. Unable to help herself, she replied.

Setting her phone down again, she continued packing.

And then the phone beeped with another message. Shaking her head, Isabel replied, hoping to add to the chaos.

Another message, and another reply. Isabel was going to die of flail if she ever found out where that went.
Library with visits from Anders and Karal

Astronomy 101 with Cedric

Campfire with Katara, Tori, Charlie McGee

Flight and talking to Anakin and Gavin

Pix Spam to Parker
After getting a few hours sleep this morning and then a handwavey because OMG RL kicked my ass today trip to town to talk to the sheriff and have ice cream with Peter, Isabel returned to the cabin well before dark and sat down to write a letter.

Dear Jack )

[ooc: Peter and the sheriff modded with permission]


May. 22nd, 2007 08:01 pm
Dear Jack,

Hi. I'm not sure if you'll ever read this, but I stopped by the post office today and Katara told me about the mailboxes. Supposedly they can reach any time, any place. So I'm hoping a letter addressed to Jack Harkness, c/o The Time Agency, 51st Century will actually reach you. A girl can dream can't she? But if you do get this? You better write back.

Workshops have been interesting. I crashed the flight simulator in flight. Oops... But I did get to have some fun on a help line in Stupid People. Yes, I'm taking a workshop called How to Deal With Stupid People. Sadly smacking them is not an answer.

I'm on library duty again. Tuesdays now. We'll be cleaning up after the mess caused by graduation and the school blowing up for weeks.

Mostly though I've just been spending lots of time hanging out with people. There was another luau. Remember that last year? How much fun it was? I made Cedric another Hawaiian shirt. We're looking out for one another just like we promised.

There's been wackiness. Poor Gavin and Luke might never recover. There's also been fun at Theodoric's. And don't get too excited, but I had a sort of date. With Peter. It was fun.

I can hear you saying "I told you so" from here.

Shut up.

All in all things are pretty good. Except people keep leaving.

And well, I miss you. But you know that. Don't forget it.


After the craziness of the last few days, Isabel was grateful for the chance to actually sit and relax for the night. Going for Jack's tattoo and crashing in his room seemed like a long time ago.

But, between dancing with Luke and Anakin, laughing with Cedric, and hanging out with Jack, teasing Xander and watching fireworks with Peter, she'd had fun at the Seahorse party even if the thought of radio still made her twitch. Then again, if she hadn't heard radio, she would have been a little more shocked when Capt. Jack joined her for breakfast Saturday morning.

Then on Saturday, there was graduation. And the school blew up.

Sitting on her bed, Isabel was sorting through copies of the pictures she'd gotten developed.

The door was open.
After a the hectic pace of the last few weeks, Isabel was grateful for some downtime, even if it meant she had too much time to think about fun with the kids and saying goodbye.

But things were slowly returning to normal. She'd covered library, had breakfast with Cedric, spent time with friends, and fulfilled StuCo responsibilities. Looking at the two packages sitting on her desk, Isabel realized that some things had slipped through the cracks. She made two phone calls then settled down to do some studying.



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