Top Model - Meg & Wyatt

Pixie Dust - Andrew

Campfire - Luke, English Peter

Luau - Jen, Dean

Chris's Birthday - Chris, Xander, Wyatt
Isabel was not happy when she woke up and found out that Fandom Weirdness had changed her into a guy. Her mood started to improve once she made it to class. And it was much better after spending time in town catching up with people. It had improved enough, that she even sent photographic evidence to Parker.

Still, between residual issues from the weekend, and her sudden guyness, it meant that the six month anniversary evening she'd originally planned on had turned into a quiet dinner and then a walk in the preserve.

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Isabel had woken up hungry. Wyatt was still sleeping and she knew it wasn't nice to wake big people up on a Saturday morning, so she quietly slipped on her bunny slippers and went in search of food.

A while later she returned with a plate full of pancakes (although to be technical it was more syrup and Tabasco then pancakes) and set them on the desk. After looking at the clock, and she could tell time because she was a big girl, she decided it was time to wake up. So she poked him hard in the side. "Wyatt! Wake up! I've got breakfast."
Mythologies - Anders & Wyatt

Common Room, Ronan's B-day - Robin, Hoshi, Carmela, Anders, Sky, Wyatt, Steve Peter, Ronan, Seregil, Cimorene, Adam

Bridge's Room

Pixie Dust - Andrew
Wyatt had left early yesterday morning, promising to return soon. Isabel had tried not to panic as her increasingly frantic calls went unanswered. She'd tried to convince herself that his phone was dead, that they were just engrossed in whatever project they were working on but talking to Johnny made it obvious that wasn't the case.

Then the letters came. One from Wyatt, one from Andrew.

A visit to Chris confirmed he'd gotten that same news. And that there didn't seem to be any magical way to get them back.

She made a few more calls to check up on people, wondering who else wasn't going to to answer.

Frustrated and angry, Isabel decided the best way to not think was to clean.

Loud music was blaring and the air smelled of pine cleaner.

The door, despite what she promised Chris, was open.
Pixie Dust - Michael, Meg

Wyatt's Birthday - Wyatt, Michael, Hoshi, Johnny, Dean, Bridge, Meg

Common room - Andrew, Seregil

Luke's with Michael

Lawyering Up - Lana
Spycraft - Seregil

Common Room - Meg, Andrew

Lawyering Up - Nathan

Pixie Dust - Liir, Donut
Isabel had had a busy week being pretty social since she'd returned to Fandom after spending the holidays in Roswell. It had been enjoyable, but surprisingly enough she was looking forward to the arrival of the new people and the start of classes. It was weird and in some ways sad to think it was for the last time.

There was a stack of blankets on the extra bed, ready for her trip out tonight to see the meteor shower, but for now Isabel was stretched out comfortably on her bed doing a little web surfing.

The door was open.
After work Isabel had returned to her room, made a few handwavey phone calls, then turned on Christmas carols and settled in for an evening of gift giving.

It was a nice distraction from thinking about anything else.

The Christmas tree lights were twinkling and the door was most definitely open.

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After Bridge's party, Isabel had a fairly quiet weekend. She'd gone shopping on the mainland, caught up on some reading, and took a few long naps.

Fortunately Monday's classes were fairly low-key, so Isabel returned to her room and set about wrapping the pile of Christmas presents she'd accumulated for the people.

Christmas carols were playing and the door was open.
The store had been quiet so Isabel was able to finish writing her Christmas cards. They were stacked up on her desk, waiting to be mailed once she'd gotten Christmas stamps.

For now she was busy wrapping Xander's birthday present and thinking about the past week. Mostly realizing that it was nice to finally have things back to normal and to be able to spend time with friends without drama or holiday chaos.

The door was open.

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After a fun Thanksgiving and weekend in Neptune, Isabel still glad to get back to Fandom, even if it meant class and movie time.

For now though, she was content to sit back and watch Supers while browsing online bargains as she searched for Christmas presents.
Saturday had been quiet after the memorial service, and Isabel had taken to opportunity to catch up Parker, spend some quiet time with friends, and ponder exactly how soon was soon.

Of course the quiet couldn't last long and Isabel was still boggling over the whole reverse-weetiny thing when she turned on her TV and sat down to watch the Amazing Race.

The door was open.

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The good thing about not having family visiting for the weekend was that it meant you could check up on people, hang out at the Welcome Picnic for a awhile and then go hide in your room and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Isabel sitting comfortably on her bed with her laptop open playing solitare.

The door was open.
Isabel had enjoyed catching up with people over Homecoming Weekend. But seeing all the graduates had reminded her once again how quickly things changed, and how quickly her own graduation was approaching, which meant she really needed to start figuring out what the hell she was going to do about college.

She had a mission. That mission meant Isabel spent most of Sunday in her room looking through various career planning websites and searching through college application requirements. It also meant she didn't have to think about the Homecoming dance and a decision she was going to have to make.

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After the carnival, Isabel had returned to her room and spent some time getting ready. She was pleased with her dress and hoped that Peter liked it as well.

Annie watched from her perch on the window sill, and Isabel kept a wary eye on her. "I know you want scratches but I'm sorry, I don't feel like cleaning cat fur off my dress. Tomorrow. I promise."

Sitting carefully on the edge of her bed, Isabel started to redo the color of her nails one more time in search of just the perfect shade of soft pink. It kept her from thinking too much while she waited for her date.



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