Technically it wasn't April 1st just yet. But Isabel plans for the next day and she wasn't sure that she'd get a chance to make this particular call.

Besides, there wasn't much on TV and she was bored.

Picking up her phone, she dialed a familiar number.

[For one specifically, but open if anyone else needs to get some alum activity for the month.]
Thanks to the efforts of Veronica, Piper, Chris & Summer, the Hyperion was decorated nicely for Wyatt's birthday and there was plenty of food to eat.

Now it was just a matter of the birthday boy arriving. Don't worry, Isabel would make sure he'd be there on time.

[Wyatt's Birthday Party. Invites of the handwavey sort were sent out and equally handwavey transport by Chris Halliwell was provided. Ping in and get your alumni February activity.]
Once again Isabel was grateful that traveling with Wyatt was so much nicer then regular air travel or even portal. She made it home from Angel's with time enough to run into town to get some chocolate pudding before The Amazing Race started.

Wondering how Michael was doing, she handwavily left him a message then settled back to watch the end of 60 Minutes.

The door was open.
Isabel slipped away from the chaos that was Max and Michael attempting to finish gift wrapping with Maria's help and pulled out her phone. She had a feeling that it was going to be be OMG early in Hong Kong, but this was the first chance she'd had to make this call.

A little bit later, Isabel ended the call and stared at her phone for a moment before dialing another number. She wasn't surprised to get voicemail and left a message.

"ISABEL!!! You need to see this!!!" Maria's screech had Isabel racing to the rec room at a run, half afraid of what she was going to find. It took a moment to take in the scene, Michael and Max staring at the TV in horror as Maria laughed at the video that was playing. Snickering, Isabel took a seat on the couch and reached for a cookie.

It was good to be home.
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Isabel had gotten back to her room after her adventure in the sewers and immediately left a message for Ronan telling him not to expect her for her usual visit. After this afternoon, being out after dark didn't seem like the wisest thing.

She wasn't sure she she'd been thinking going out like that. It was stupid in retrospect. Hell, she knew it was stupid even as she walked through the dark tunnels. But despite last night's conversation with Bel, she still wasn't certain sticking a soul back into Angel was the right thing to do. Just because they wanted their friend back, was it fair to saddle Angel with a new burden of guilt because of the people Angelus had hurt?

Still frustrated with herself for not keeping the promise she'd made to Angel so long ago, and feeling slightly guilty for being relieved that she didn't because it still meant there was a chance to get her friend back even if it wasn't fair to him, Isabel scooped up Annie and cuddled her on the bed, watching as the last of the afternoon light faded. She hoped tomorrow she wouldn't have a reason to regret what she didn't do today.

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After a fun Thanksgiving and weekend in Neptune, Isabel still glad to get back to Fandom, even if it meant class and movie time.

For now though, she was content to sit back and watch Supers while browsing online bargains as she searched for Christmas presents.
The wedding and all the associated festivities had been fun, but after a pleasant afternoon with Wyatt at the New England Aquarium, Isabel was more then glad to be back in Fandom.

She unpacked quickly and settled in for her weekly dose of Phil Keoghan.

The door was open.
Isabel had enjoyed catching up with people over Homecoming Weekend. But seeing all the graduates had reminded her once again how quickly things changed, and how quickly her own graduation was approaching, which meant she really needed to start figuring out what the hell she was going to do about college.

She had a mission. That mission meant Isabel spent most of Sunday in her room looking through various career planning websites and searching through college application requirements. It also meant she didn't have to think about the Homecoming dance and a decision she was going to have to make.

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After the craziness of the last few days, Isabel was grateful for the chance to actually sit and relax for the night. Going for Jack's tattoo and crashing in his room seemed like a long time ago.

But, between dancing with Luke and Anakin, laughing with Cedric, and hanging out with Jack, teasing Xander and watching fireworks with Peter, she'd had fun at the Seahorse party even if the thought of radio still made her twitch. Then again, if she hadn't heard radio, she would have been a little more shocked when Capt. Jack joined her for breakfast Saturday morning.

Then on Saturday, there was graduation. And the school blew up.

Sitting on her bed, Isabel was sorting through copies of the pictures she'd gotten developed.

The door was open.
It had been an extremely long two days. Between finding out Jack was in the clinic and getting him settled in his room yesterday, then spending the day with him today only to leave for a trip to the Underworld and the death of a friend, Isabel was physically and emotionally exhausted when she returned to her room.

She made a call to Greg to let him know she was back, then disappeared into the bathroom for a long, hot shower.
Isabel yawned as she unpacked after her week in LA. It might not have been relaxing, but it had certainly been fun. Between visiting art museums, Disney, enjoying the view at Muscle Beach and then the New Year's Party, they'd been busy. Still it was nice to be home and still have some time to relax before the new semester started.

Annie was playing with a catnip toy and the door was open.
Despite being up late, Isabel was still up early. After getting dressed, she booted up her laptop and grumbled when there was only the faintest of WiFi signals available, apparently from the building next store. The signal did get stronger the closer she got to the window. Which explains why Isabel is currently perched on the window sill, looking up things to do in LA.

Just like in Fandom, the door to her room was open.

[Insert usual disclaimer about occasional SP due to RL here.]
After starting the day at the gym and then dropping Benjamin off at Sam's Isabel went off to Tortall for Alanna's Ordeal. The trip had been both fun and exhausting. She'd met some of Alanna's friends and had long talks with both Bel and Angel. But through it all she still worried about Cedric.

After unpacking and spending so quality time with Annie, Isabel stretched out on her bed and dozed off, only to wake when she heard her phone ring. She got to it just as the call went to voicemail, so she waited a minute then checked the message. She was halfway out the door when she realized that Jack probably would not want to be disturbed. Morning would come soon enough.

Smiling, Isabel went back to bed and quickly fell back asleep.
The carnival had been fun, and Isabel had enjoyed the chance to catch up with Angel, hang out with Parker and try her hand at some of the games. Technically using her powers wasn't cheating if the game was already rigged.

"Don't do it," she called out as Annie started to stalk the hedgehog. "That's for Greg. Not for you." Isabel held out her hand, sending one of Annie's toys bouncing across the floor. Distracted, the kitten bounded away from the stuffed animal.

With Annie distracted, Isabel concentrated on getting her hair into a twist, with a few tendrils falling about her face. Finally she slipped on her garters and stockings, then pulled on her dress. A look at the clock showed she still had time to spare.

The door was closed but knockable.

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It's been a busy few days. Between cleaning the TA lounge, the phone call to Angel and subsequent boggling with Parker, some alien fu, library training, and a mostly emo free Ethics class, Isabel is more then happy to skip the common rooms for the evening. Besides, the StuCo election was fast approaching. She needed to get to work on posters.

The posterboard and glitter are out. The music is playing and the door is open.
A unexpected phone call had changed Isabel's plans for at least the weekend. After all, there's no sense in going to LA and not spending some time there. She hung up with Angel and then made a call to arrange transportation. That done, she made a few more calls to let people know she'd be out of town.

Phone calls made, Isabel pulled her bag out from under her bed and started to pack.

The door's open.

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The last few days have caught up with Isabel. Between the Jello dragons, the slumber party, the common room, the road trip to Blue Cove and then the Fourth of July Party, she's exhausted. But it was worth it to spend time with Greg watching making fireworks, to warn Cedric about the need for sunscreen and then teach him how to boogie board, ponder boyfriends with suicidal tendencies with Aeryn, and to discuss damsels in distress with Bel and Jello dragons with Cam.

But now it was time to recover. After karate, she returned to her room to hide and relax for the day. Isabel had just completed an email to Maria, filling her in on recent events when she she noticed an email still sitting in her inbox. Picking up her phone, she called a number and left a message.

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She'd woken up in detention terrified and fighting back tears.

It was difficult, but she made it back to her room without letting them fall. Yet she could feel the control she'd kept so tightly in place for the last two weeks starting to slip.

Perched on the side of her bed, Isabel rocked back and forth as silent tears fell.

[Locked to someone who knows who he is]



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