Isabel wasn't sure what time she finally left Cedric's room. All she remembered was that it was very, very late and that she was glad the spell had finally broken.

It hadn't been the best of weeks. A dinner that was supposed to fun was entirely too angst-ridden. And although some classes had been fun. Others? Well, the company was good, but being on guard against possessed people wasn't. Fortunately research had given them answers and others were able to fix things. Although after finally checking her messages, Isabel was worried some people might be hurt beyond repair. After leaving a message of her own, it was finally time for bed.

She slept in late Saturday morning, then got up and and started gathering supplies for poster-making this evening. Half distracted in a search for glitter and markers, Isabel never looked at caller ID.

"Hello? Isabel? Honey is that you?" a familiar and very worried voice asked through the phone.

Shocked, Isabel sat down on the bed.

"Who is this? Please. I'm looking for my daughter."

"It's me dad," she said finally, her voice shaking.

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It had been a long, wet walk back up from the causeway and Isabel was grateful to get out of the rain by the time the reached the dorms. Her key was gone, left somewhere back on Antar, so she used her powers to open the door. Stepping inside the room, Isabel looked around and blinked a lot, not quite able to believe she was really back.

[Later that night, Jack came by.

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Isabel stumbled as the ground shifted under her feet. Michael looked back at her, tilting his head in a way that she recognized as a question. Are you okay? She smiled tightly and nodded, not willing to do anything that would indicate she wasn't ready to be out on a mission like this so soon after they got her away from Kivar.

They continued on, the shaking of the ground becoming more pronounced as time passed. Then it didn't matter because they were under attack and all that was important was not getting hit.

A sharp cry of pain caught her attention and Isabel turned, immediately starting towards where Michael was lying on the ground. She'd taken two steps when the ground heaved once more and a light flashed. Stumbling, Isabel fell forward. And then it all went black.

Meanwhile, in Cardiff… )

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Isabel sat up at the sound of a knock on the door and pushed her hair back off her face. "It's open. Come in." She wasn't at all surprised when the door opened and Max and Michael stepped into the room. Ducking her head to avoid their concerned looks, Isabel studied her nails. Once kept longish and neatly manicured, now they were worn and ragged, a symbol of how she really felt.

Cut to spare )

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Isabel had literally tightened her belt to keep her pants from slipping due to the weight she'd lost. It was the one sure sign that she'd been trapped in the cell for far too long, unable to really exercise, existing only on the little bit of food they gave her.

She welcomed the dreams and the visits, enjoying the cold comfort they gave and losing herself in the false reality they created. Rescue wasn't something Isabel thought of any longer. And despite herself, it was getting harder and harder to say no when everyone urged her to accept Kivar.

There are some people you just can't say no to. )

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The visit by Parker was only the beginning. Every time Isabel slept, she would dream, elaborate dreams where she was back in Fandom, sitting with Greg watching a movie, dodging Nerf balls on the beach with Peter and Cedric while Jack watched, laughing.

They spilled over to when she was awake, staring at the walls of the cell. Xander was there, so real she could swear that she smelled the cup of coffee he held. And they were all telling her the same thing, to forget about Max and accept Kivar's offer.

Waking up from a dream where she was laughing with Dawn as she did her nails, Isabel screwed her eyes shut, blocking out the sight of bare walls of the cell.

Tell me something I don't know. )

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Isabel had sung, she'd recited poetry, and in desperation, bad dialogue from Wendy the Werewolf Stalker episodes, anything to distract herself from thinking about what was going to happen when Kivar got bored with letting her wait. She had no idea how much time had passed. The single light in the cell would switch off and on at irregular intervals, making her dread the darkness and oppressive silence of the cell. There was no schedule to the arrival of the meager food that would sometimes appear, when, despite her nerves, she'd doze off into an uneasy sleep. She almost wished something would happen, just to break the monotony.

You think she'd know better )

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Isabel woke up to darkness. Complete, utter, cannot see a hand in front of your face blackness. She stretched gingerly, checking for injuries, relieved when the most she could find was a bump on her head.

Oh crap… )

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The room was full and loud with various commanders all jockeying to get their ideas heard by their newly returned king and his second in command. Isabel had quickly learned to stay to the back, tucked in a corner and quiet, not drawing any attention to herself.

Their homecoming wasn't at all the happy occasion she'd imagined. )

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After the Perk, Isabel returned to her room, made a few handwavey phone calls and then tried to pack. If you can call randomly taking things in and out of drawers packing. Annie sat on the bed watching her, seeming to sense something was going on.

The door was cracked open.

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Talking to Peter still being played had made Max's call that much more real. Isabel returned to her room, made several phone calls, and then sat on her bed trying to figure out how to break the news.

Cut for length )

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After Friday night's adventures, Isabel stumbled back to her room sometime well after the sun rose Saturday morning. She cleaned up, then climbed into her bed and passed out.

Sometime in the afternoon, the phone rang. Grumbling, Isabel reached for it and snapped it open.

So help me god, this better be good. )

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Isabel stretched out on her bed, trying to focus on the good parts of her day. Talking with Mel in Hunting had been fun, and it was good to know they had a plan for getting Lucas and Katara back. Glancing about the room, Isabel grinned when she saw her jacket hanging on the back of her desk chair glad it was back to it's normal black.

Of course the jacket made her think of the beach and meeting Kivar, definitely not a happy thought. Isabel closed her eyes and tried to figure out what it all meant.

The door was closed.

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