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Caritas with Clint

Room post - Savannah & Bel

Talking with Phoebe

Caritas - Kitty & Rory

Detention Breakout - Dinah, Phoebe, Wyatt, Jack Priest, Kaidan

Whitehat Hideout - Stephanie, Robin, Phoebe, Eve, K-mart, Shira, Sean, Belthazor, Wyatt, Stark, Piper

Heading Home with Wyatt

Filling Parker in
Thanks to the efforts of Veronica, Piper, Chris & Summer, the Hyperion was decorated nicely for Wyatt's birthday and there was plenty of food to eat.

Now it was just a matter of the birthday boy arriving. Don't worry, Isabel would make sure he'd be there on time.

[Wyatt's Birthday Party. Invites of the handwavey sort were sent out and equally handwavey transport by Chris Halliwell was provided. Ping in and get your alumni February activity.]
Isabel wasn't counting the days til Spring Break, no, she had it measured down to the hour. She'd survived mid-terms, but there was still the regular work that needed to be done for classes. It seemed like that never ended.

Pushing her books aside, she reached for her phone. She could call Bel back and see if he'd come down off the NyQuil high. But instead she hit the speed dial and waited to see if Wyatt would pick up. It's not that she really believed he was going to go evil. But she was still worried about him.

Besides, she had to ask him a question.

[For the boyfriend, or anyone else that feels like calling.]
The trip to England had been just what Isabel needed. It was nice to spend time with friends. There'd been ogling and sight seeing. And phone calls. One of which still made her giggle even though she probably did owe Phoebe flowers.

But it was nice to be home.

Isabel picked up her phone and left Wyatt a message. She'd missed him she realized. And not just because she'd been away, but because of the awkwardness caused by his going evil and the whole being a guy for a day thing. She wanted to get past that. To get back to the way things were supposed to be. It would be the best birthday present she could give herself Isabel realized. Which would be why she was going around her room lighting candles. A little romance couldn't hurt.

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Isabel had gotten back to her room after her adventure in the sewers and immediately left a message for Ronan telling him not to expect her for her usual visit. After this afternoon, being out after dark didn't seem like the wisest thing.

She wasn't sure she she'd been thinking going out like that. It was stupid in retrospect. Hell, she knew it was stupid even as she walked through the dark tunnels. But despite last night's conversation with Bel, she still wasn't certain sticking a soul back into Angel was the right thing to do. Just because they wanted their friend back, was it fair to saddle Angel with a new burden of guilt because of the people Angelus had hurt?

Still frustrated with herself for not keeping the promise she'd made to Angel so long ago, and feeling slightly guilty for being relieved that she didn't because it still meant there was a chance to get her friend back even if it wasn't fair to him, Isabel scooped up Annie and cuddled her on the bed, watching as the last of the afternoon light faded. She hoped tomorrow she wouldn't have a reason to regret what she didn't do today.

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After a fun Thanksgiving and weekend in Neptune, Isabel still glad to get back to Fandom, even if it meant class and movie time.

For now though, she was content to sit back and watch Supers while browsing online bargains as she searched for Christmas presents.
After the carnival, Isabel had returned to her room and spent some time getting ready. She was pleased with her dress and hoped that Peter liked it as well.

Annie watched from her perch on the window sill, and Isabel kept a wary eye on her. "I know you want scratches but I'm sorry, I don't feel like cleaning cat fur off my dress. Tomorrow. I promise."

Sitting carefully on the edge of her bed, Isabel started to redo the color of her nails one more time in search of just the perfect shade of soft pink. It kept her from thinking too much while she waited for her date.
Waking up had been interesting. And that was just the beginning. There were notes and skirts, even a trip to the park. But eventually Isabel couldn't put it off any longer and she returned to her room to hide.

A check of her phone caused some facepalming. She'd forgotten about the messages she'd left. But it was the unexpected message that really made her flail. Homecoming was going to be interesting.

The door was closed but completely knockable.
The nice thing about how Isabel's classes were scheduled was that the week ended on Wednesday. Five day weekends were wonderful, although to be honest, her current schedule left her plenty of time to mock musicians, email or otherwise be social. She'd even had time to investigate a newcomer and discuss her worries about him. Just to be on the safe side, Isabel decided to check with some other sources. Picking up the phone, she dialed a number.

The door was open.
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After hanging out in the common room and then saying good-bye, Isabel returned to her room and curled up on her bed, thinking about good-byes and the people she missed.

It never got easier.

[Expecting one, but open for all]
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Today had started out meh and went downhill from there. Class had a few good moments, but Isabel did spend most of it reminding herself that TKing the teacher would be bad. A trip to the gym and an afternoon of brooding did little to lift her mood, which was why she wound up at Caritas contemplating drinking for the third time ever. And then she talked to Jack.

Isabel flopped onto to her bed and her soundtrack, which had been blissfully quiet for a bit, suddenly started up again.

Mama, why am I so alone?
I can't go outside
I'm scared I might not make it home
I'm alive but I'm sinking in
If there's anyone at home at your place
Why don't you invite me in
Don't try to bleed me
I've been there before and I deserve a little more

I belong in the service of the Queen
I belong anywhere but in between
She's been lying
I've been sinking
And I am the Rain King

"Oh my god, I've become Max." Isabel buried her head under her pillow and whimpered.
After a weekend of fun and a surprisingly deep conversation, Monday brought workshops of insanity and brain-breaking. Isabel was still chuckling when she returned to her room after workshops. With nothing pressing to do, Isabel opened her laptop and started to search for some decent Supers fanfic.
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After a rather flail worthy evening Wednesday night and then a slightly flail inducing conversation with Bel today, Isabel did a little mental math and decided it was still early enough in Moscow that Parker would likely be awake. Picking up her phone, she hit the speed dial.

The door was closed but knockable.
The trip home to Roswell had quite possibly been even longer and more emotional then Isabel thought it would be. But she'd gotten through it and answered questions as best she could. Despite the worry that had Liz pale and silent and Maria frantic with panic, Isabel was still grateful that for once there were no more secrets. Her parents hadn't let her out of there sight for the day, they'd been upset by the years of deception, but in the end they'd understood that they were only trying to keep them safe.

They hadn't wanted her to come back to school though. It took a lot of talking and Isabel nearly breaking down before they'd finally agreed. Even then, she wasn't certain that believed all her reasons for wanting to go back. Apparently it was one thing to believe in aliens, but demons, wizards and time travellers were another story entirely. Fortunately that was when Bel turned up to bring her home. Isabel didn't think she'd ever forget the shocked expression on her mother's face as Bel took her hand and they started to shimmer away.

They reappeared in her room and Isabel let go of Bel's hand to collapse on her bed, worn out by the day.

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Monday hadn't been a bad day, what with having coffee with Xander and visiting Jarod at Caritas. But Revolutions shook Isabel up a little more then she would have liked. So she returned to her room and curled up on her bed to watch something mindless on the laptop.

[Door is closed, post is open!]
It had been an extremely long two days. Between finding out Jack was in the clinic and getting him settled in his room yesterday, then spending the day with him today only to leave for a trip to the Underworld and the death of a friend, Isabel was physically and emotionally exhausted when she returned to her room.

She made a call to Greg to let him know she was back, then disappeared into the bathroom for a long, hot shower.
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The first thing Isabel became aware of was that she was uncomfortably curled in a heap on the floor. The second thing she realized was that she was cold. That all became irrelevant as the memories of the night before came back in a rush.

Climbing to her feet, she crossed quickly to where Parker was still slumped on the floor. Isabel opened her mouth to call her name, then stamped her foot when no sound came out. That bastard... She dropped to her knees next to Parker and started to shake her.

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