The wedding had been wonderful, and it was great to catch up with friends. But unfortunately Monday found Isabel back in real life with not a single talking animal to be seen.

She made it through her classes, spent some time at the gym, had dinner, and finally made it back to her room just in time to start researching information for her next psych paper. That was, when she wasn't being distracted by games that were being shared by people on her Google Reader.

[Open for phone calls, emails, unexpected visitors...]
After getting back from seeing Cam, Isabel finished unpacking then flipped on the TV. She quickly came to the realization that without The Amazing Race, Sunday night tv pretty much sucked.

The door was open.
Isabel had spent a quiet weekend thinking about possible ways of contacting Max and Michael once August finally arrived. She actually had the beginnings of an idea of where to start. Maybe. Unfortunately she wouldn't know until August arrived.

Tired of thinking about the future, she opened her laptop and checked her email.

The door was open and she was completely interruptable.
After waking up and remembering the mostly depressing events of yesterday, Isabel decided that the last place she wanted to be for the day was the cabin. After grabbing sunscreen and a few bottles of water, she headed out into the quiet of the preserve for the day.

As the sun set Isabel returned to the cabin, got cleaned up and stretched out on her bed. Outside she could hear the sounds of people calling to one another as the evening campfires started. At some point, she supposed she'd have to get out and meet people other then her new little sister. But not tonight.

[Mostly establishy. But pokeable for a bit.]
All in all it had been a pretty busy week, between library duty, visits with friends, and lots of prom preparation. Saturday morning Isabel got up early and made a handwavey trip to town to check on the last minute details.

Late afternoon found her back in her room, busy getting ready and remembering last year when Xander and Bridge had been there to have dinner with.

Her mask was laying on her bed, as Isabel put on her dress and finished up her hair and make-up.
Isabel yawned as she unpacked after her week in LA. It might not have been relaxing, but it had certainly been fun. Between visiting art museums, Disney, enjoying the view at Muscle Beach and then the New Year's Party, they'd been busy. Still it was nice to be home and still have some time to relax before the new semester started.

Annie was playing with a catnip toy and the door was open.
Isabel was freezing by the time she made it back to her room. The leather pants and trashy, low cut top did nothing to replace the coat she'd used to cover up before they left for Aziraphale's. It hadn't been needed during their trip to the Underworld, so she'd left it at the apartment.

Fortunately, they'd gotten what they were looking for, even if doing so meant she had to play vapid blonde and hang on Cam. Of course that lasted only as long as it took for the fighting to start. But they'd gotten out without any injuries, a fact that Isabel relayed when she left messages for Greg and Jack.

She eyed the books on her desk that rustled ominously. "Don't try it. Or I'll lock you in the closet." Of course looking at the books reminded her that she really needed to study for War Theory. Something she'd already put off due to the trip to Crabapple Cove.

Isabel glanced down at her outfit and sighed. First things first, a shower, then comfy pajamas. It had been a long day.
Aching and tired, Isabel let herself into her room and headed straight for the shower. She was achy, tired and worried about her friends and their injuries but she realized it could have been much worse. After all, they were dealing with trolls!

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After dressing in her favorite comfy pajamas, Isabel picked up her phone, left a message then stretched out on her bed with her eyes closed.

[for the boyfriend please]
Even with the campfire, it had eventually gotten too cold to stay outside. Isabel returned to her room, pleased with her plans for the upcoming week, handwavey lunch and Halloween shopping with Jack on Sunday, a potential trip to DC with Peter and whoever else they could rope into on Thursday, and of course whatever wackiness Fandom might throw at them for Halloween.

Isabel had originally planned on doing some reading and then going to sleep, the sugar buzz from all those marshmallows changed that. Instead she was having a very animated conversation about Christmas preparations with Annie as she paced about the room, occasionally stopping to write something in a notebook on her desk.
It had been a fairly successful day. Isabel had landed a position as a TA or "staffer" in political campaigning and helped Cam with the paint job on the swoop bike. But she wasn't in the mood for the common rooms tonight, even if she would have liked to have seen a repeat performance of last night's Gremlin Theater.

Sitting on her bed with her laptop playing music, she did her nails.

The door's open.
The last few days have caught up with Isabel. Between the Jello dragons, the slumber party, the common room, the road trip to Blue Cove and then the Fourth of July Party, she's exhausted. But it was worth it to spend time with Greg watching making fireworks, to warn Cedric about the need for sunscreen and then teach him how to boogie board, ponder boyfriends with suicidal tendencies with Aeryn, and to discuss damsels in distress with Bel and Jello dragons with Cam.

But now it was time to recover. After karate, she returned to her room to hide and relax for the day. Isabel had just completed an email to Maria, filling her in on recent events when she she noticed an email still sitting in her inbox. Picking up her phone, she called a number and left a message.

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Random pudding showers are enough to convince Isabel of the wisdom of staying indoors after cheerleading. After a quick shower to wash off the pudding that caught her on the way back from practice, she down to sort through the pieces of the new nice, generic, non trademarked, no need of meta puzzle she'd gotten.

The door's open.
After her conversation with Cam and a stop in town, Isabel spent the rest of the day in the room with the door locked. She ran out during 5th and 6th period for Western Literature but came back as soon as it was over and got back to work.

By the time Cam is due to arrive, there was a small medium large basket sitting on her desk filled with brownies, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered pretzels, and chocolate covered apples.

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