Peter had been quiet during the walk back from the barbeque, and he slipped away to his room as soon as they reached the fourth floor. Reluctantly Isabel let him go.

She let herself into her own room and flopped down on the bed, thinking back over the last twenty four hours. The the beach had been lots of fun. Even if some conversations were decidedly unhappy. Fortunately other conversations made up for it. Breakfast had been entertaining and she'd been able to help Aravis.

All in all, life was good. She should be happy, but Isabel couldn't forget how quickly August was approaching.

Flipping on the radio, she stared at the ceiling.

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So far the trip had been great.

But there was still plenty of things to see before the roadtrippers returned to Fandom tonight.

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Workshops and Rikku's Party meant Isabel didn't get as much done on Monday as she would have liked. So after crashing the insane class and finishing up at the library Isabel was a little busy getting everything ready. Fortunately by the time 7:00 came, dinner was ready and dessert was hidden out of sight.

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Isabel had considered going to the beach for an evening swim after spending the afternoon roasting while wearing her costume at the Renaissance Faire but the approaching storms put an end to that plan. Which meant looked like her mostly quiet week was going to continue.

After showering and putting on some comfy clothes, she stretched out on her bed with her laptop and started to write some emails.

The door was open.
The rain literally put a damper on Isabel's plans for a campfire. Forced to stay inside, she sat on her bed with her laptop and played many rounds of solitare.

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At some point Isabel would probably have to apologize to any of her cabinmates for the shrieking. But it was a perfectly natural reaction to stepping into a shower while still half asleep and finding out that the water was ice cold. Fortunately the hot water heater was accessible and Isabel was able to use her powers to heat up the water it contained.

After her shower she left a note on the bathroom door, See me if you want hot water for a shower. Isabel

Heading back to her alcove and relieved to find her books were no longer clucking, Isabel sprawled on her bed and thought back over the last few days.

The good - Campfires, spending time with old friends, and meeting new people.

The bad - Three workshops in one day. Including one with Creepy Guy. Missing people.

Passing a hand over her hair, Isabel made sure it was dry and then tried to figure out what to do for the day. Saying good-bye to Sam was a must but Isabel was more then willing to delay that as long as possible. Realizing it was Wednesday, Isabel decided to drop by the library and see what was happening there and if there was going to be a summer schedule.

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Still beyond pleased that they actually were able to pull it off, Isabel returned from Rikku's and made a phone call. Then she opened up her laptop and started tracking down spoilers for the season finales of all her favorite shows.

[The door, like the post is open.]
After a the hectic pace of the last few weeks, Isabel was grateful for some downtime, even if it meant she had too much time to think about fun with the kids and saying goodbye.

But things were slowly returning to normal. She'd covered library, had breakfast with Cedric, spent time with friends, and fulfilled StuCo responsibilities. Looking at the two packages sitting on her desk, Isabel realized that some things had slipped through the cracks. She made two phone calls then settled down to do some studying.
After brunch, Isabel had gone for a long walk through the preserve, eventually winding up on the beach where she became a victim of the water balloon ninja. Even though she could dry herself off easily enough, she still got chilled in the cool air.

That was why she was currently dressed in her warmest pajamas and wrapped in a blanket as she tried to work through her lists of things to do for prom. At least in theory Isabel was working through her to do list, mostly she was staring into space thinking about tomorrow's trip to Roswell.
Isabel sat on her bed reviewing the to-do list for prom as she went through emails from various vendors.

Despite an occasional sneeze and sniffle, it had been a fairly productive day, coffee with Parker, goofing with Jack in class, and then meeting with Anakin.

Opening another email, she smiled, relieved to see the backdrops had been shipped.

The door was open.
Isabel had spent the day hiking through the preserve, using the time and the quiet to try and process the events of the last few months. A week with friends had helped and she was finally starting believe that being back wasn't just another elaborate dream.

After returning, Isabel settled down for a quick check of her email before starting her homework. Frowning at Sam's message, she thought for a long moment before typing a response and then leaving a voicemail. Still distracted, she put the laptop aside and tried to focus on her homework.

The door was open.
Cuddled up under a blanket, Isabel was alternating between doing her reading for tomorrow's Villian's class and thinking over the last two days. Between talking to Anders and the trip into Special Collections with Dawn, the day had passed quickly. And the evening's trip to Caritas had been informative as well. She understood Rose's unwillingness to tell her too much, but that didn't mean she wouldn't ask more questions at another time.

The door was open.

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Mondays were so much more enjoyable when they could be considered a part of the weekend. And with no classes, Isabel did. After visiting Dawn and then going skating on Saturday night, Isabel spent a quiet Sunday recovering from the assorted bumps and bruises she received.

She finally ventured out this morning to the School Board Brunch where she had a lovely time discussing Type A brothers with Steve Peter. The mental images created by the little old lady were significantly less lovely.

Not up to the common room, Isabel sat with her door open, watching as wandering coconuts wandered into the room to be chased by Annie.
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After returning from waking up with Cedric, Isabel made a few phone calls, then spent a few minutes fixing what she could of her door.

That done, she curled up on her bed and tried not to shudder as she remembered the weekend. Bel and Dawn, the offer of a threesome. Anders. The creature on the roof. Zero and her camera, a memory which prompted another phone call. Caritas with Greg. And Cedric. Going back to Cedric's room.

Isabel whimpered.

The door was as closed as a door minus a doorknob could be.

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Isabel returned to her room after Hunting still vaguely surprised that Dick hadn't gotten them killed. She booted up the laptop and opened her email, absently looking at her inbox. That lasted about 2.4 seconds, basically long enough for her to realize the numerous messages from the same address were not a Nigerian money scam. Her screech could probably be heard down the hall.

Two hours later, Isabel was still sitting there, rereading the emails for what seemed like the millionth time.

The door was open.
Despite the afternoon's silliness with Dawn and Jack, when evening rolled around Isabel really wasn't in the mood for dealing with people and crowded common rooms. There were too many thoughts going through her head. Worries about what was happening in a room down the hall, worries about why Jack reacted the way he did.

It was easier to pull inward. Which was why Isabel was sitting on the bed in her room attempting to figure out a sudoku puzzle.

[The door's closed but the post is open]
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Isabel still felt a bit guilty about leaving Annie behind while she was in LA so she decided to spend the morning making it up to her. Mostly that meant using her powers to send a small toy mouse zooming around the room for the cat to stalk.

The door was open so she could meet some of the new or even not so new people if any happened to wander by.
The lack of a tree in her room had been bothering her, so Isabel spent Christmas Eve handwavily setting up a small tree on Xander's old desk. There's a stack of presents still to be distributed.

The door's open, the carols are playing and Isabel is wearing her penguin pajamas waiting for people to stop by.

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Isabel had thought long and hard about it and finally decided that the best way to approach Max was through an email. She wasn't ready to hear him yell or even worse hang up on her. An email, copied to both Michael, Liz and Maria would probably be the best way to ensure he found out the truth.

Dear Max )

She sent the email and sighed. It was out of her hands now. Pushing thoughts of Max out of her head, she found them replaced by worries about Peter and Luke. Shaking her head at her inability to do anything for them, Isabel grabbed a piece of string from the kitty toy box and started to play with Annie to try and distract herself.

The door was open.

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After a weekend that ranked as fairly hellish, Isabel was glad that this week had been fairly calm and at times rather amusing. The movies had been a bit chilly but it was worth it to spend time with her friends and snuggle with Greg. Ethics hadn't been too traumatic, and then there was the science field trip. She was still shaking her head over their trip through Jack's body.

The music was playing as Isabel sat on her bed and went through the information from War Theory and the door was open.



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