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Work and being social meant that Isabel was more then content to spend Sunday quietly in her room doing some writing, reading for class and surfing around on the web.

Then the phone rang. Recognizing the number, Isabel flipped open the phone. "Hi Maria. What's up?"

For once, it was good news )

Thirty minutes later, Isabel hung up the phone and sat in stunned silence for a few minutes as the shock wore off. Then she let out a yell of pure glee, before starting to pack.

The door was open.
Between library and class, common rooms, helping out and visiting lots of people Isabel's kept herself busy for the last few days.

But tonight she's doing what she's put off for too long, and cleaning and organizing her room. Some of it will go home with her. The rest? Well, at least it'll be neat if someone has to clean it out.

The door was open.
Isabel had reluctantly left Jack in his room with Cedric. She'd wanted to stay, afraid his return was just a dream, but she knew that both Jack and Cedric needed to talk. Besides, she had to make a call.

After much squeeing, and a little bit of worrying, Isabel hung up the phone and stared at the ceiling, thinking over the last few days. The barbeque for the Fourth had been a blast. Goofing in the water with Cedric was fun, and it seemed like Karal enjoyed learning to swim. It was good to spend time with Aeryn since there was so little time left. Isabel was glad to hear that her advice to Dick had helped, and even more glad that Bridge would talk to Steve Peter. Then, there were fireworks. They were mostly literal, but still very enjoyable.

The door was open.
Friday had been Flight, the waterfight, checking up on Peter, and patrolling with Mel. On Saturday, Isabel had checked up on Charlie. On Sunday, she'd cooked. Today was the Newbie Welcome Picnic.

All that time with people meant that Isabel was quite happy to settle in with a book for the evening.

Annie was rolling around on the floor with a catnip toy and the door was open.

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It was weird being back in the cabins. Used to the quiet of her room, the noises of other people breathing and moving about as they got ready for bed reminded Isabel of her time in the Royalist camp in Antar.

Not willing to dwell on that unhappy time, she focused on the events of the last two days: laughing with Katara, giving Jack her memories, John and Aeryn's engagement party, the move to the cabin.

Really the only unhappy event had been saying good-bye to Peter. But given her new belated birthday present, Isabel wasn't willing to rule out a road trip before August.

She refused to think about what she was going to have to do tomorrow.

Waving her hand, she turned on the star light, then stretched out on her bed and closed her eyes.

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After a busy few days, Isabel was stretched out on her bed, reviewing her notes for Hunting.

The door was open.
After stopping by Greg's to check on him and finding him sleeping the sleep of the heavily cold-medicated, Isabel returned to her room for what appeared to be a very mellow Valentine's night.

Still, she couldn't complain. Library had been fun and Hunting had been as interesting as always. Isabel set her roses on the desk and took a moment to read the cards once more.

A yellow and a pink rose with a note that says Happy Valentine's Day! ~ Love, Annette
Six white & six red roses with a note that says I'm sure I utterly failed at surprising you with these, but this is just the start. Hope you don't have any allergies I don't know about. Love, G
Six pink roses with a note that says From Jack, because you always believe in me.
A pink rose with a note that says Thank you for being a lovely friend. So many good wishes to you. Happy Valentine's Day. ~Peter Pevensie
A yellow rose with a note that says Hey new big sis, I'd probably frak it up if I tried to say how much I appreciate everything, so I thought I'd say thanks with this. Anders
A pink rose with no note

After changing into some clothes suitable for sprawling, she booted up the laptop and put in her DVD of Wooing the Rock.

The door was open and there was candy for sharing.
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After staying up late for charades the night before, Isabel had slept in late, planning on spending a lazy day doing homework and some reading. She was not going to think about where she was going tomorrow night. Nor was she going to watch the clock and worry about friends that were off planet at the moment.

Company would help with that, so Isabel made a quick trip to town and then a stop down the hall. Anyone wandering by would find Isabel and Cedric sharing bagels and coffee while watching Annie stalk about the room.

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After the stress of yesterday, the charades, the magical solution, the discussion with the Halliwells, talking to Anders, and then a restless night's sleep disturbed by dreams of Bel and the Source, Isabel returned to her room after Revolutions and settled in for some comfort reading.

The door was open.
Isabel returned to her room after Hunting still vaguely surprised that Dick hadn't gotten them killed. She booted up the laptop and opened her email, absently looking at her inbox. That lasted about 2.4 seconds, basically long enough for her to realize the numerous messages from the same address were not a Nigerian money scam. Her screech could probably be heard down the hall.

Two hours later, Isabel was still sitting there, rereading the emails for what seemed like the millionth time.

The door was open.
After a quick trip down the hall and a weekend of being entirely too damn social, Isabel is ready for a quiet night in with a good book.

The radio's playing, Annie's curled up on her feet and the door is open.
After a late night in the common room, Isabel had slept in. After finally waking and getting dressed, she'd been on her way out the door when the phone rang. Forty-five minutes later she was still on the phone having a spirited discussion about men and the not-so-smart-things they can sometimes do with Maria.
It was late when Isabel finally got back to her room. As she got changed and ready for bed, she thought over her day. She'd chatted with Door, met her rather unfriendly little brother, spent some time ogling the scenery and possibly being featured in Alec's fantasies, and met some new people. Tannim was very nice but Isabel wondered if it was worth starting a pool on how long it would take before someone smacked Dick.

She'd caught up with Parker and Peter, then been delighted to find out that Jack was back.

Settling down on her bed, she reached for her favorite Angelica Desmesnes novel and started to read.




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