Beach in the Umbridgeverse - wee Anakin Solo, Savannah

Caritas with Clint

Room post - Savannah & Bel

Talking with Phoebe

Caritas - Kitty & Rory

Detention Breakout - Dinah, Phoebe, Wyatt, Jack Priest, Kaidan

Whitehat Hideout - Stephanie, Robin, Phoebe, Eve, K-mart, Shira, Sean, Belthazor, Wyatt, Stark, Piper

Heading Home with Wyatt

Filling Parker in
Isabel had taken advantage of Fork's fascination with the America's Next Top Model marathon to slip into the other room and leave messages for Chris, Piper and Phoebe. She was hoping that one of them would be able to somehow magically prevent Fork from leaving the house and heading out to snack on the unsuspecting people of San Francisco. Wyatt would not be happy waking up when this was over if he'd hurt anyone.

Except by the time it started getting dark, no one had called. Which meant more then likely they were victims of Fandom weirdness as well and she'd have to handle this on her own. Fortunately, Isabel already had an idea on how to do that. Unfortunately for Fork, it involved a heavy frying pan, a whole lot of TK and a locked closet.

Two hours later, Isabel finished the Chinese food she'd had delivered, pulled out her phone and started dialing people, curious to see who else had been effected. All the while she kept an eye on the closet door, just in case Fork needed thumping again.

[If you think she would have called you? She did.]
Piper & Bel's Party - Alanna, Anders, Chris, Parker, Piper, Summer, Wyatt

Savannah's Amnesia - Johnny, Savannah, Summer, Chris, Eve, Wyatt

Caritas on Honesty Day - Wyatt, Ronan, Hoshi
It had been one of those days.

But it was over and everyone was at least physically okay. As far as mentally, Isabel was afraid that might be another story.

It was only after Wyatt had orbed them back from the preserve and they'd gotten cleaned up and were curled on the bed that Isabel finally spoke. "Talk to me?"



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