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Current circumstances meant Isabel had developed a new habit, grabbing her phone from the nightstand and checking for messages before she'd even gotten out of bed. Now that Parker was in Fandom, she didn't expect many more messages. This morning she was wrong.

The first message made Isabel laugh. She remembered Cuban Pete.

The second...not so much with the laughing there

Isabel wasn't surprised when she tried to call back and the call didn't go through.

This was not going to be a good day.
Despite spending Sunday at the football game, Isabel still felt that she did okay on both of Monday's exams. Her next exam wasn't until Wednesday, so she didn't feel the need to start studying immediately. Instead she pulled out her phone and dialed a number she'd been resisting calling for a while.

Hopefully they had the phone on.

Catching up with Bonnie and Clyde. Or Abbot and Costello, depending on your point of view. )

Amused, Isabel put her phone down and pulled out one of her favorite trashy novels.

[OOC: Preplayed with the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] girlzippo who does such a wonderful job channeling Max and Michael. Door and post are both open.]
Since her return from Roswell Isabel had kept herself busy, visiting friends, working, and hanging out at assemblies. But tonight she felt like staying in and relaxing, which was why she was curled up on her bed with a book as Annie batted a toy around the room.

The door was open.
The party had been a success. Isabel had been up way too late, dancing and enjoying herself with old friends and new. Today was going to be for relaxing and doing some reading for class.

And hopefully eventually getting all the glitter out of her hair.

The door was open.
The first few days of spring had been enjoyable, even if Isabel did spend a lot of time worrying about various people. But there had still been time for fun as well as a bit of insanity.

Library had been quiet, and Hunting fairly low key which good. Because as the afternoon progressed, Isabel found out that while aliens might not get sick, they can apparently suffer from massive allergy attacks if the pollen count got high enough. Uncertainty about how she'd react to any antihistimine meant that Isabel was reduced to sitting with a box of tissues in her lap and sneezing a lot.

The door was open.

[ooc: method RPing tonight.]
Isabel made a quick pass through the common room kitchen to fix up a plate of healthy snack food then returned to her room to spend the day trying to keep up with the reading for all her classes. As she settled in with the reading for Interstellar Relations, her mind wandered to something she'd noticed in yesterday's Ethics class. Reaching for her phone, Isabel left a quick message, before opening her book and beginning to read.

[ooc: The door, like the post is open. Occasionally slow due to RL and potential migraine.]
After spending the afternoon getting ready and the evening hunting mummies, Isabel was exhausted. She was also banged up and dirty from being tossed around, and bloody from the gouges the mummy had clawed into her neck. After checking back in at Rory's room and getting her injuries looked at, she headed up to her room for a shower and sleep.

She left her door unlocked.
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Isabel woke up confused, blinking at the unfamiliar surroundings. It took a minute, but then the memories of the night before came rushing back. Including the memory of the missing cabin. With a sigh, she got out of bed and pulled on her shorts, intent on heading back to the dorms for a shower and clean clothes. After slipping quietly from the Stickbug cabin, she stopped and blinked at the sight of Molly sleeping in mid-air. "Oh wow..." Still shaking her head, Isabel started to walk back to the dorms.



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