After spending time at Ella's campfire Isabel returned to her cabin, surprised to find a postcard on her bed. Once she read it, she had to smile. It was good to know things were going well. Reaching for her phone, she decided to share the news.

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Isabel had considered going to the beach for an evening swim after spending the afternoon roasting while wearing her costume at the Renaissance Faire but the approaching storms put an end to that plan. Which meant looked like her mostly quiet week was going to continue.

After showering and putting on some comfy clothes, she stretched out on her bed with her laptop and started to write some emails.

The door was open.
After a busy day, and an eventful and scary evening, Isabel finally made it back to the cabins well after the sun came up.

With a yawn, she sat down on her bed.

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A week that had included library duty, a night out at Caritas, movies with a friend, exams, and plotting a rescue mission meant that Isabel was pretty damn tired when she went to bed on Friday night. Unfortunately the conversation with Rikku brought memories and Isabel didn't actually get into a deep sleep until some time just before dawn. She slept till noon when the sound of yelling and chaos in the hallways woke her.

A quick look out her door found Isabel shutting it quickly. Beyond grateful to whatever quirk of Fandom left her still eighteen, she decided an afternoon with a good book was much better then weetiny chaos.

After a quiet afternoon, Isabel finally got out her camera and opened her door.
Isabel wasn't certain what time she finally got home after prom night. All she knew was it was late and she was exhausted from dancing and excitement.

It was after twelve when she finally woke up, and much later when she finally got off the phone with her mother. Diane Evans had enjoyed hearing all the details about prom, and now that she finally knew the truth about her daughter, she liked hearing stories about her friends.

After finally hanging up the phone, Isabel opened the door to her room and stretched out on her bed to read, stopping occasionally to smile at the tiara on her desk.

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Isabel wasn't sure what time she finally left Cedric's room. All she remembered was that it was very, very late and that she was glad the spell had finally broken.

It hadn't been the best of weeks. A dinner that was supposed to fun was entirely too angst-ridden. And although some classes had been fun. Others? Well, the company was good, but being on guard against possessed people wasn't. Fortunately research had given them answers and others were able to fix things. Although after finally checking her messages, Isabel was worried some people might be hurt beyond repair. After leaving a message of her own, it was finally time for bed.

She slept in late Saturday morning, then got up and and started gathering supplies for poster-making this evening. Half distracted in a search for glitter and markers, Isabel never looked at caller ID.

"Hello? Isabel? Honey is that you?" a familiar and very worried voice asked through the phone.

Shocked, Isabel sat down on the bed.

"Who is this? Please. I'm looking for my daughter."

"It's me dad," she said finally, her voice shaking.

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After spending the day harassing vendors while on library duty and then going to Hunting, Isabel returned to her room to relax for a while before figuring what to do for the evening.

The door was open.
Monday hadn't been a bad day, what with having coffee with Xander and visiting Jarod at Caritas. But Revolutions shook Isabel up a little more then she would have liked. So she returned to her room and curled up on her bed to watch something mindless on the laptop.

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After the Perk, Isabel returned to her room, made a few handwavey phone calls and then tried to pack. If you can call randomly taking things in and out of drawers packing. Annie sat on the bed watching her, seeming to sense something was going on.

The door was cracked open.

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Over all it's been a good weekend. The dance was wonderful, and weetiny adults were amusing and entertaining. Even if some of them did leave weird phone messages.

The overall good mood allowed her to forget about any weirdness, well other then being grateful that it didn't seem to have a lasting effect. It also let an unexpected conversation count as odd, rather then disturbing.

The door was open and Isabel could be heard occasionally singing along as she cleaned her room.

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Cuddled up under a blanket, Isabel was alternating between doing her reading for tomorrow's Villian's class and thinking over the last two days. Between talking to Anders and the trip into Special Collections with Dawn, the day had passed quickly. And the evening's trip to Caritas had been informative as well. She understood Rose's unwillingness to tell her too much, but that didn't mean she wouldn't ask more questions at another time.

The door was open.

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Isabel had been busy the last two days. Library duty, followed by Dean's party, a visit to Peter, coffee with Xander and pursuing and being pursued in Ares'class today. It had given her a lot to think about.

Like the fact that she could never face Creepy Guy ever again. And that Xander had obviously returned from some sort of bizarro universe. Cause seriously, the other version of her had been married? Isabel was pretty sure she'd be dubya tee effing over that for a long, long time.

But the thing that had her most concerned was her conversation with Anders. Which is why Isabel's sitting with her headphones on, replaying the radio broadcasts for the last few weeks and taking notes every time Anders' name was mentioned.

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After a Thursday that included finals, playing Santa with Jarod at the Perk, delivering presents to Parker, and then running the coffee cart, Isabel was ready for a quiet day.

The door's open and Isabel is sprawled on her bed watching the few Christmas movies they didn't get to watch last night.

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After a day that included an absolutely bizarre Campaigning class, some studying, and then a walk in the snow that ended with a snowball fight with Jarod in front of Caritas, Isabel was looking to get warm. Sipping a hot chocolate, dressed in a warm pair of flannel pants and a cozy fleece, Annie curled up on feet, she sat on her bed and read through her notes for War Theory.

The door was open.
Late Monday night found Isabel sound asleep, curled around her pillow, with Annie nestled against her feet.

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Isabel tried not to think about the ongoing election, or, more importantly, Monday night's conversation with Jarod. Instead she focused on a successful first day as a library aide and Annie as she chased a balled up piece of paper around the room.

The door was open although a chair was blocking it to prevent a wee kitten from escaping.
The last few days have caught up with Isabel. Between the Jello dragons, the slumber party, the common room, the road trip to Blue Cove and then the Fourth of July Party, she's exhausted. But it was worth it to spend time with Greg watching making fireworks, to warn Cedric about the need for sunscreen and then teach him how to boogie board, ponder boyfriends with suicidal tendencies with Aeryn, and to discuss damsels in distress with Bel and Jello dragons with Cam.

But now it was time to recover. After karate, she returned to her room to hide and relax for the day. Isabel had just completed an email to Maria, filling her in on recent events when she she noticed an email still sitting in her inbox. Picking up her phone, she called a number and left a message.

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Isabel was waiting at the causeway at midnight, the keys to Rory’s car in hand.

cut for a road trip )

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Despite having no workshops on Monday, it had certainly been a busy day for Isabel. She'd enjoyed the afternoon at the spa convincing everyone about Sven's magic hands. Then there's been the trip to Caritas to talk to Jarod about her plan to make Parker smile while she was trapped in Blue Cove. She's still not happy that Jarod is planning on going with her but stopping him would probably like stopping Michael when he put his mind to something. Impossible. Once she'd returned to the dorms, Isabel made a quick stop at Peter's room to pick Greg up before returning to 406 to pass out for the night.

Tuesday morning as the sun rose and light started to filter into the room, Isabel was still sound asleep wrapped up in her blankets.



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