Isabel didn't get in until late Friday night after spending the evening swimming at the beach. That means her plans for a hot and humid Saturday included sleeping in and and then some brain candy. Sprawled on her bed, she's re-reading the newest pirate/ninja novel and snickering.

Her curtain is open.
Isabel hadn't slept well while she was gone. The long day of travel making her way back to Fandom didn't help either. After checking in with Parker, checking up on Cedric and then surprising Greg, she returned to her cabin beyond grateful that she has no workshops on Wednesday. She's sleeping in. Anyone who wakes her better have a damn good reason.

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Despite several days of frustration and heightened emotions, Isabel was actually happy when she dropped her bag onto her bed. Yes, her visit back to Roswell had ended several days early. Yes, there are hurt feelings all around and that is going to have to be dealt with at some point. But for now, she's home. That's enough for now.

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After lunch Isabel faced the fact that packing couldn't be put off any longer. Her bag was open on her bed as she sorted through her clothes.

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The weather had cancelled Isabel's plans for one last campfire. Instead she's sprawled on her bed, staring at the ceiling, trying not to think of everything that could go wrong while she's back in Roswell.

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Isabel woke up confused, blinking at the unfamiliar surroundings. It took a minute, but then the memories of the night before came rushing back. Including the memory of the missing cabin. With a sigh, she got out of bed and pulled on her shorts, intent on heading back to the dorms for a shower and clean clothes. After slipping quietly from the Stickbug cabin, she stopped and blinked at the sight of Molly sleeping in mid-air. "Oh wow..." Still shaking her head, Isabel started to walk back to the dorms.
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Isabel didn't get to bed till late and didn't get to sleep until even later. She was too busy replaying the evening in her mind and smiling at the memory. Thursdays were workshop free, so she slept in late and then brought her blanket out to lie in shade of the trees behind the Meerkat cabin. The jug of iced tea is cold, her book is incredibly entertaining in that cheesy, this is entirely not plausible way and overall, life is good.

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After an early start to the day, a karate workshop, and then some pranking. Isabel returned to the cabin to get ready for her date. She spent some time sorting through her clothes, finally settling on a simple pair of shorts and a simple, but pretty t-shirt.

Now all she had to do was wait.

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After coming back from researching at the library, Isabel returned to her alcove and decided to relax for the rest of the afternoon. Relaxing involved painting her nails and thinking about the night before. Yes, she was still smiling.

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After trying out for a cheerleading position and then laughing with Aeryn at John and Greg's antics, and talking to Elizabeth, Isabel returned to Meerkat and took a long nap. She finally ventured out again as the sun was going down. Stopped on the steps overlooking the other cabins, she tried to figure out where to go. She wasn't looking for anyone in particular, really.

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After waking up and then going back to sleep for a few hours, Isabel showered and changed at the dorms, and then returned to Meerkat cabin regretably missing the Stickbug peace offering and any subsequent chaos because RL won't let me be around for it.

After listening to the radio broadcast, she was somewhat relieved to hear only minimal mention of what she did at Caritas and no mention of who she left with or where they went. Now she just had to work up the courage to face Bel, Parker, and Aeryn. Hiding behind a half closed curtain and staring at the ceiling is a good way to start.

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Karate had been interesting. It was obvious she had a lot to learn, but Isabel was fairly certain she was going to enjoy the class. But for the moment, she was sitting on her bed, playing a few thousand hands of Spider Solitare and trying to refine a plan of revenge in her head.

[the curtain is open!]
After spending a lazy morning sharing coffee with Jack and then visiting Janet, Elizabeth, and Tempe over at Pangolin, Isabel changed into her running clothes and went outside to stretch.

[locked to someone who knows who he is. Okay to say they ran together. Conversation itself is NFB]



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