It hadn't been a bad last week in Fandom. Between being social, seals, presents, and reality TV, it was certainly memorable. Even if the good-byes weren't so much fun.

There wasn't much left to pack. But Isabel was taking her time doing it.

The door was open.

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To say the past few days had been busy was a bit of an understatement. But Isabel was glad that Max and her parents had made it for her graduation. Even if things did get a bit insane.

But her family was gone now, on their slightly longer trip home, and Isabel was taking the opportunity to sit and relax.

And wish like hell a new season of The Amazing Race was going to start anytime soon.

The door was open.
Isabel was not happy when she woke up and found out that Fandom Weirdness had changed her into a guy. Her mood started to improve once she made it to class. And it was much better after spending time in town catching up with people. It had improved enough, that she even sent photographic evidence to Parker.

Still, between residual issues from the weekend, and her sudden guyness, it meant that the six month anniversary evening she'd originally planned on had turned into a quiet dinner and then a walk in the preserve.

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Sunday had not been pleasant. But they'd broken the curse and Wyatt and Chris were back to being themselves, although Isabel was pretty sure that it was going to be some time before things were back to normal. Class had proven that. Which was why she'd called Piper. Hopefully she could be an impartial ear.

At least Peter had been able to distract her for a little while.

Isabel grabbed the remote and started flipping channels. Hopefully there'd be something mindless to watch because she had a feeling she was going to be up for a while.
Saturday had been busy, but today had been even busier. Isabel had had a very busy day. In fact it had been so busy that Wyatt didn't catch up with her until he handwavily found her in the common room with the polar bear. They went back to her room where Isabel managed to get herself cleaned up (although there might have still been some blue eye shadow smeared in the corners of her eyes) and dressed in her penguin pajamas. That was when she got the bright idea to make a phone call.

Once Wyatt hung up the phone, Isabel yawned once more. "I'm tired."
Wyatt had left early yesterday morning, promising to return soon. Isabel had tried not to panic as her increasingly frantic calls went unanswered. She'd tried to convince herself that his phone was dead, that they were just engrossed in whatever project they were working on but talking to Johnny made it obvious that wasn't the case.

Then the letters came. One from Wyatt, one from Andrew.

A visit to Chris confirmed he'd gotten that same news. And that there didn't seem to be any magical way to get them back.

She made a few more calls to check up on people, wondering who else wasn't going to to answer.

Frustrated and angry, Isabel decided the best way to not think was to clean.

Loud music was blaring and the air smelled of pine cleaner.

The door, despite what she promised Chris, was open.
She'd needed last night, Isabel realized. After everything that had happened, she needed a night of being quiet and feeling safe.

Eventually she'd made it back to her room. After a shower, she'd called her mom, feigning surprise at the news of the destruction of the Meta-Chem, and quickly changing the subject to the cleaning supplies that were currently working busily around the room.

"I know mom," she said eventually. "Yes, we'll be out for dinner soon. I promise. Bye." Isabel hung up her phone and opened her laptop. Solitaire would be a good way to not think for the afternoon.

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Isabel still felt a tiny bit guilty for gently bullying Michael into coming shopping with her and Meg. After all, Sherpa detail usually fell under the category of boyfriend duties. But after the events of the previous week, she was still a bit worried about him and spending time together, even if it meant listening to him grumble about carrying packages, made her feel like he was going to be okay.

After lunch, and one last check of the mall directory to make sure they hadn't missed anything, they decided it was time to head back to Fandom.

"I am shopped out," Isabel said to Meg as they headed out the sliding doors to the parking lot.

It was just a simple shopping trip )

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Continued from Here and Here

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Isabel had kept quiet on the ride from the Crashdown to the trailer park, silently hoping that Hank wouldn't be around.

"In and out," she said as the car stopped in front of the rundown trailer. "We've got a portal to catch." In three hours. But Isabel didn't see any reason to linger, and she was pretty sure Michael felt the same.

Be it ever so humble‚Ķ )

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As Isabel argued with the Portalocity people about a last minute portal to Roswell, she thought about how much easier it would be to just call Wyatt and get him to orb her to Michael. But given what she suspected of happening, and how proud she knew Michael was; she didn't think swooping in with Wyatt would be a good idea.

Yet she still didn't want to go alone. Not when she remembered how badly things had gone when she and Max had tried to deal with Hank for her Michael so long ago. But there was someone who Michael had trusted enough to tell about Hank. And Isabel was pretty sure that he'd be more then willing to help.

After making all the arrangements for the portal, Isabel made her way down the hall and knocked on Dean's door.

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Since they were going to be dressed up at the dance on Friday, Isabel & Wyatt had decided to have a quiet Valentine's night in. Dinner first, then movies, and more likely, some quality time together. Isabel couldn't think of a better way to spend the night.

After work and a stop at Ching Tai, she set up a makeshift picnic on the floor and lit some candles, smiling once more at the flowers she'd gotten that morning.

Now all she needed was a boyfriend shaped person.

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Pixie Dust - Michael, Meg

Wyatt's Birthday - Wyatt, Michael, Hoshi, Johnny, Dean, Bridge, Meg

Common room - Andrew, Seregil

Luke's with Michael

Lawyering Up - Lana
Isabel woke up and immediately reached for her stomach. "Oh thank god," she muttered as soon as it was clear she was no longer HUGE. But then she started to remember the weekend - Her gay boyfriend, interviewing and crying on Anakin, Rath, and the craziness that was Caritas.

As far as wacky weekends went, she didn't feel too flaily. At least she woke up alone. But apologies to Anakin and Professor Rodgers for thinking they were crazy-cakes was probably a good idea. And Isabel was pretty sure Michael was going to have questions about Rath, a realization that made her revise her view on how flail-worthy the weekend. Because that was going to be another uncomfortable conversation of answering questions without saying too much.

After showering and getting dressed, Isabel realized there was still time before class.. For a moment she debated going to check up on Wyatt. But if he wasn't alone, well...that would be awkward. Instead she decided to head up to the fifth floor and explain Fandom weirdness to Michael.
Once again Isabel was grateful that traveling with Wyatt was so much nicer then regular air travel or even portal. She made it home from Angel's with time enough to run into town to get some chocolate pudding before The Amazing Race started.

Wondering how Michael was doing, she handwavily left him a message then settled back to watch the end of 60 Minutes.

The door was open.



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