Isabel had reluctantly left Jack in his room with Cedric. She'd wanted to stay, afraid his return was just a dream, but she knew that both Jack and Cedric needed to talk. Besides, she had to make a call.

After much squeeing, and a little bit of worrying, Isabel hung up the phone and stared at the ceiling, thinking over the last few days. The barbeque for the Fourth had been a blast. Goofing in the water with Cedric was fun, and it seemed like Karal enjoyed learning to swim. It was good to spend time with Aeryn since there was so little time left. Isabel was glad to hear that her advice to Dick had helped, and even more glad that Bridge would talk to Steve Peter. Then, there were fireworks. They were mostly literal, but still very enjoyable.

The door was open.
Friday had been Flight, the waterfight, checking up on Peter, and patrolling with Mel. On Saturday, Isabel had checked up on Charlie. On Sunday, she'd cooked. Today was the Newbie Welcome Picnic.

All that time with people meant that Isabel was quite happy to settle in with a book for the evening.

Annie was rolling around on the floor with a catnip toy and the door was open.

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Monday had been busy with workshops. Tuesday was library, dress shopping and a surprise call from her mom inviting Isabel to drive up to Baltimore and spend a day or two with with her parents while her dad met with a client.

She'd returned late Thursday night so she wouldn't miss Flight or the Fun Run and boy was she glad she did. Although of course now Isabel was wondering who was going to buy dinner.

There wasn't much to unpack, so Isabel quickly hung it up, then reached for the novel she'd picked up at the hotel.

The door was open.
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After staying up late for charades the night before, Isabel had slept in late, planning on spending a lazy day doing homework and some reading. She was not going to think about where she was going tomorrow night. Nor was she going to watch the clock and worry about friends that were off planet at the moment.

Company would help with that, so Isabel made a quick trip to town and then a stop down the hall. Anyone wandering by would find Isabel and Cedric sharing bagels and coffee while watching Annie stalk about the room.

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Isabel had reached the point where studying just wasn't happenening any longer. A quick phone call had Parker appearing, loaded down with gifts.

The door was open, the carols were playing, Annie was wearing a wee Santa hat and Parker and Isabel were laughing like demented elves as they ate chocolate and drank eggnog while waiting for people to come by so they could hand out holiday presents.

[Assume handwavey phone calls telling their friends to stop by!]
Even with the campfire, it had eventually gotten too cold to stay outside. Isabel returned to her room, pleased with her plans for the upcoming week, handwavey lunch and Halloween shopping with Jack on Sunday, a potential trip to DC with Peter and whoever else they could rope into on Thursday, and of course whatever wackiness Fandom might throw at them for Halloween.

Isabel had originally planned on doing some reading and then going to sleep, the sugar buzz from all those marshmallows changed that. Instead she was having a very animated conversation about Christmas preparations with Annie as she paced about the room, occasionally stopping to write something in a notebook on her desk.
For a Monday, it had been an incredible day. It's true that cake baking was less then successful, still the frosting was tasty and she'd had a good conversation with Molly. Then there was skywriting, which probably ranks as the best surprise in quite a while, maybe ever.

Considering it was still fairly early in the day, it could only get better. Still smiling, she opened the door to her room.

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Isabel didn't get in until late Friday night after spending the evening swimming at the beach. That means her plans for a hot and humid Saturday included sleeping in and and then some brain candy. Sprawled on her bed, she's re-reading the newest pirate/ninja novel and snickering.

Her curtain is open.
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After lunch Isabel faced the fact that packing couldn't be put off any longer. Her bag was open on her bed as she sorted through her clothes.

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After last night's festivities, Isabel could use a little quiet. So tonight she's sitting in her room catching up on email, running through her lists of things to do for Fourth of July and possibly reading some Wendy the Werewolf Hunter fanfic. Not that she'd ever admit that.

The door is open.

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