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Heading Home with Wyatt

Filling Parker in
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Graduation mingling - Wyatt, Parker, Phoebe, Xander

Celebrating with the grads - Wyatt, Chris, Ronan

Grad Brunch - Peter Petrelli
The trip to England had been just what Isabel needed. It was nice to spend time with friends. There'd been ogling and sight seeing. And phone calls. One of which still made her giggle even though she probably did owe Phoebe flowers.

But it was nice to be home.

Isabel picked up her phone and left Wyatt a message. She'd missed him she realized. And not just because she'd been away, but because of the awkwardness caused by his going evil and the whole being a guy for a day thing. She wanted to get past that. To get back to the way things were supposed to be. It would be the best birthday present she could give herself Isabel realized. Which would be why she was going around her room lighting candles. A little romance couldn't hurt.

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After hanging out in the common room and then saying good-bye, Isabel returned to her room and curled up on her bed, thinking about good-byes and the people she missed.

It never got easier.

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Friday's classes had been mostly uneventful, well except for the whole double entendres thing. She was still amused about the whole fire hose conversation. Then there'd been lunch. And girlkissy. Isabel was still surprised they hadn't gotten in trouble, but then again, Umbridge might be holding off till Monday's announcements.

Things in her room are pretty well organized and ready to be packed, so Isabel took the opportunity to check out the games website Anders had recommended.

The door was open.
After enjoying way too much ice cream last night, and then stopping by to make sure the wee time agent and wizard were tucked in, Isabel returned to her room and actually had a relatively peaceful night's sleep. Up early, she stretched and went for an extended run about the island, enjoying the good weather.

After a shower and lunch, she called her mom to fill her in on the details of the weekend.

The door was open and there was a broom sitting on the extra bed.
Isabel woke up after a much needed nap and stretched, thinking about the events of the last twenty-four hours. Only in Fandom could a simple movie night with friends turn into a collective nightmare. And despite knowing everyone really was okay, she'd still been too keyed up to sleep although the visit to Jack had helped calm her nerves enough that she'd been able to visit Phoebe and then get to her classes.

With a sigh, Isabel climbed out of bed and began to get ready for the dance.

The door was closed but completely knockable.
Isabel was freezing by the time she made it back to her room. The leather pants and trashy, low cut top did nothing to replace the coat she'd used to cover up before they left for Aziraphale's. It hadn't been needed during their trip to the Underworld, so she'd left it at the apartment.

Fortunately, they'd gotten what they were looking for, even if doing so meant she had to play vapid blonde and hang on Cam. Of course that lasted only as long as it took for the fighting to start. But they'd gotten out without any injuries, a fact that Isabel relayed when she left messages for Greg and Jack.

She eyed the books on her desk that rustled ominously. "Don't try it. Or I'll lock you in the closet." Of course looking at the books reminded her that she really needed to study for War Theory. Something she'd already put off due to the trip to Crabapple Cove.

Isabel glanced down at her outfit and sighed. First things first, a shower, then comfy pajamas. It had been a long day.
The reading Isabel had done on ghost in the last twenty-four hours actually seemed to be worthwhile and hopefully had provided some clues to how to stop this. She'd also hopefully talked two more people into signing up for the volleyball tournament.

Of course the conversation with Walter made her realize something. But between the ghosts, the slumber party on Saturday and the Fourth of July party that was rapidly approaching, Isabel was pretty certain she wouldn't be able to do anything about it until next week. However it wasn't too early to start planning. She pulled out her notebook and made a few notes before putting it aside and starting the ghost research again.

The door's open.



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