Beach in the Umbridgeverse - wee Anakin Solo, Savannah

Caritas with Clint

Room post - Savannah & Bel

Talking with Phoebe

Caritas - Kitty & Rory

Detention Breakout - Dinah, Phoebe, Wyatt, Jack Priest, Kaidan

Whitehat Hideout - Stephanie, Robin, Phoebe, Eve, K-mart, Shira, Sean, Belthazor, Wyatt, Stark, Piper

Heading Home with Wyatt

Filling Parker in
Thanks to the efforts of Veronica, Piper, Chris & Summer, the Hyperion was decorated nicely for Wyatt's birthday and there was plenty of food to eat.

Now it was just a matter of the birthday boy arriving. Don't worry, Isabel would make sure he'd be there on time.

[Wyatt's Birthday Party. Invites of the handwavey sort were sent out and equally handwavey transport by Chris Halliwell was provided. Ping in and get your alumni February activity.]
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To: Fandom High Friends List
Subject: And how was your weekend?

Hopefully everyone's stopped facepalming by now. I promised these to a few people. So, without further ado.

Meet Fork.

Yes, my boyfriend was a vampire.

Excuse me while I go giggle some more.
Piper & Bel's Party - Alanna, Anders, Chris, Parker, Piper, Summer, Wyatt

Savannah's Amnesia - Johnny, Savannah, Summer, Chris, Eve, Wyatt

Caritas on Honesty Day - Wyatt, Ronan, Hoshi
Sunday had not been pleasant. But they'd broken the curse and Wyatt and Chris were back to being themselves, although Isabel was pretty sure that it was going to be some time before things were back to normal. Class had proven that. Which was why she'd called Piper. Hopefully she could be an impartial ear.

At least Peter had been able to distract her for a little while.

Isabel grabbed the remote and started flipping channels. Hopefully there'd be something mindless to watch because she had a feeling she was going to be up for a while.
After a fun Thanksgiving and weekend in Neptune, Isabel still glad to get back to Fandom, even if it meant class and movie time.

For now though, she was content to sit back and watch Supers while browsing online bargains as she searched for Christmas presents.
After the carnival, Isabel had returned to her room and spent some time getting ready. She was pleased with her dress and hoped that Peter liked it as well.

Annie watched from her perch on the window sill, and Isabel kept a wary eye on her. "I know you want scratches but I'm sorry, I don't feel like cleaning cat fur off my dress. Tomorrow. I promise."

Sitting carefully on the edge of her bed, Isabel started to redo the color of her nails one more time in search of just the perfect shade of soft pink. It kept her from thinking too much while she waited for her date.
Waking up had been interesting. And that was just the beginning. There were notes and skirts, even a trip to the park. But eventually Isabel couldn't put it off any longer and she returned to her room to hide.

A check of her phone caused some facepalming. She'd forgotten about the messages she'd left. But it was the unexpected message that really made her flail. Homecoming was going to be interesting.

The door was closed but completely knockable.



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