Weetiny Begins - Ronan, Victoria

The Perk - Karla, Jack Priest, Parker

The Outback - Ronan, Wyatt

The Perk - Victoria, Wyatt
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For a change, fortune had smiled on Isabel's weekend plans. She had only a little bit of classwork to do, she didn't have to work until Monday evening, and for once the demon population of a future version of San Francisco had decided to lay low for a while which meant Wyatt was sprawled next to her for snuggling purposes.

Sleepily, Isabel contemplated the clock, decided it was too early for coffee and rolled back over to go to sleep. There was a quiet weekend to look forward to.

She had no idea what was happening in Fandom.

[For the boyfriend and weetiny children making phone calls]
So last week had pretty much sucked. What with the fighting and the disappearing and the dramatic gestures and filling people in.

But ultimately they'd won. People returned. And there was celebrating and breakfast.

Returning to Roswell and finding everything the way it was supposed to be had been a relief. Finding out all her exams were over when she'd returned the Las Vegas a day later had been an even bigger relief in some ways. It meant she had more time to focus on catching up with all the holiday planning that had been disrupted by the world almost ending.

Three days later, after a massive online shopping spree and an afternoon spent decorating the apartment, Isabel was willing to admit she'd caught up as best she could and that it was time to relax.

With a bridal magazine.

Beware the OCD organizer girl on a mission.
The unfortunate thing about life after Fandom was that it required a job that didn't give you time off for weirdness or the potential apocalypse. Isabel had managed to get through her shift on Saturday although she'd grown progressively more on edge as the evening wore on and she realized the number of staff people that weren't around when they were supposed to be.

With Wyatt in San Francisco checking the Book of Shadows, sleep wasn't really an option once Isabel got home. Instead she spent most of the night texting Wyatt and Parker like some sort of crazed stalker just to be sure they were still around. Isabel was definitely not thinking about what she would do if one of them stopped responding.

At some point she did finally doze off for a few hours of restless sleep, only to be woken by her alarm reminding her that crisis or not, there was a job to go to.

Cranky and clutching her coffee, Isabel left her car at the parking lot she used and walked towards the Vegas Strip, only to stop dead at the sight before her. Instead of several acres of buildings housing a casio, shopping and hotel towers, there was only blackness. A blackness it seemed only she could see judging by the tourists that brushed past her without a care in the world.

Things were getting serious. Pulling out her phone, Isabel left a few messages for some people. After another incredulous look at where the casino used to be, she headed home to wait.

[For phone calls, visits, etc...]
Thanks to the efforts of Veronica, Piper, Chris & Summer, the Hyperion was decorated nicely for Wyatt's birthday and there was plenty of food to eat.

Now it was just a matter of the birthday boy arriving. Don't worry, Isabel would make sure he'd be there on time.

[Wyatt's Birthday Party. Invites of the handwavey sort were sent out and equally handwavey transport by Chris Halliwell was provided. Ping in and get your alumni February activity.]
Phone call with Ronan

Text from Wyatt - Chris is a girl!

Alumni Reunion at Disney with Weetiny Children

Meeting the wee children - Wyatt, Ronan,

Talking to Parker

Character Breakfast - Chris
The Perk - Johnny, Parker, Alanna, Tahiri

Graduation mingling - Wyatt, Parker, Phoebe, Xander

Celebrating with the grads - Wyatt, Chris, Ronan

Grad Brunch - Peter Petrelli
Wyatt had turned up shortly after Isabel had called Parker and they'd had a good laugh over the thought of what would happen if they suddenly turned up at Parker's door. Valuing life and limb, they'd instead headed off to Roswell as promised to meet her family for her parents' anniversary dinner.

It had been a wonderful evening, surrounded by family and friends. Which only got better when she'd gone to sleep late that night curled up with Wyatt, content with their plans for the next day.

Plans that were no doubt going to change after a wee Isabel woke up, stared at the boy in her bed for a long minute and then screamed.


[For the wee boyfriend and potential massive SP]
Piper & Bel's Party - Alanna, Anders, Chris, Parker, Piper, Summer, Wyatt

Savannah's Amnesia - Johnny, Savannah, Summer, Chris, Eve, Wyatt

Caritas on Honesty Day - Wyatt, Ronan, Hoshi
The wedding had been wonderful, and it was great to catch up with friends. But unfortunately Monday found Isabel back in real life with not a single talking animal to be seen.

She made it through her classes, spent some time at the gym, had dinner, and finally made it back to her room just in time to start researching information for her next psych paper. That was, when she wasn't being distracted by games that were being shared by people on her Google Reader.

[Open for phone calls, emails, unexpected visitors...]
Isabel yawned as she flipped a page in her math textbook and made a mental note to avoid 8:00 a.m. classes in the Spring semester. She was tired but she wanted to get her math assignment done before she went to bed.

Hopefully the sugar from the bag of mini Milky Ways she was working her way through would keep her awake.

[Any interruptions in the form of phone calls, emails, or misdirected portals would be welcome.]



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