Beach in the Umbridgeverse - wee Anakin Solo, Savannah

Caritas with Clint

Room post - Savannah & Bel

Talking with Phoebe

Caritas - Kitty & Rory

Detention Breakout - Dinah, Phoebe, Wyatt, Jack Priest, Kaidan

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Heading Home with Wyatt

Filling Parker in
After enjoying way too much ice cream last night, and then stopping by to make sure the wee time agent and wizard were tucked in, Isabel returned to her room and actually had a relatively peaceful night's sleep. Up early, she stretched and went for an extended run about the island, enjoying the good weather.

After a shower and lunch, she called her mom to fill her in on the details of the weekend.

The door was open and there was a broom sitting on the extra bed.
Lonnie slowly woke up, cursing quietly because her head hurt so badly. Without moving, she thought back over her night, trying to figure out what the hell she did to make it feel like she and Rath had spent the night drinking, smoking and playing some of their more kinkier games.

She remembered hanging out on the street corner. That one guy was hot but there was no way she was gonna pay. Then the two other likely prospects got distracted by that bitch. The bar looked like a good place to pass some time, even if the old guy did want to see ID.

Then she left...and met up with that blonde and her furry friend. It was all a blank after that.

A soft rumble caught her attention. Lonnie waved her hand and the lights came on. "The hell?" she yelled, staring at the thing sleeping on her floor. She picked up the nearest thing at hand, a book, and threw it.
After starting the day at the gym and then dropping Benjamin off at Sam's Isabel went off to Tortall for Alanna's Ordeal. The trip had been both fun and exhausting. She'd met some of Alanna's friends and had long talks with both Bel and Angel. But through it all she still worried about Cedric.

After unpacking and spending so quality time with Annie, Isabel stretched out on her bed and dozed off, only to wake when she heard her phone ring. She got to it just as the call went to voicemail, so she waited a minute then checked the message. She was halfway out the door when she realized that Jack probably would not want to be disturbed. Morning would come soon enough.

Smiling, Isabel went back to bed and quickly fell back asleep.
It had been a fairly successful day. Isabel had landed a position as a TA or "staffer" in political campaigning and helped Cam with the paint job on the swoop bike. But she wasn't in the mood for the common rooms tonight, even if she would have liked to have seen a repeat performance of last night's Gremlin Theater.

Sitting on her bed with her laptop playing music, she did her nails.

The door's open.
Isabel had spent the past two days hiding in her room pretending to be a scary bear. It was lonely, but she was too afraid of the bad men Max had warned her about to open her door and go out, even when she heard other kids go laughing by the door.

To pass the time she tried to color. But it was boring when you didn't have any crayons and had to use a pen. Every once in a while she would look at the door and try to work up the courage to go out.

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