Monday had been busy with workshops. Tuesday was library, dress shopping and a surprise call from her mom inviting Isabel to drive up to Baltimore and spend a day or two with with her parents while her dad met with a client.

She'd returned late Thursday night so she wouldn't miss Flight or the Fun Run and boy was she glad she did. Although of course now Isabel was wondering who was going to buy dinner.

There wasn't much to unpack, so Isabel quickly hung it up, then reached for the novel she'd picked up at the hotel.

The door was open.
At some point Isabel would probably have to apologize to any of her cabinmates for the shrieking. But it was a perfectly natural reaction to stepping into a shower while still half asleep and finding out that the water was ice cold. Fortunately the hot water heater was accessible and Isabel was able to use her powers to heat up the water it contained.

After her shower she left a note on the bathroom door, See me if you want hot water for a shower. Isabel

Heading back to her alcove and relieved to find her books were no longer clucking, Isabel sprawled on her bed and thought back over the last few days.

The good - Campfires, spending time with old friends, and meeting new people.

The bad - Three workshops in one day. Including one with Creepy Guy. Missing people.

Passing a hand over her hair, Isabel made sure it was dry and then tried to figure out what to do for the day. Saying good-bye to Sam was a must but Isabel was more then willing to delay that as long as possible. Realizing it was Wednesday, Isabel decided to drop by the library and see what was happening there and if there was going to be a summer schedule.

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After enjoying way too much ice cream last night, and then stopping by to make sure the wee time agent and wizard were tucked in, Isabel returned to her room and actually had a relatively peaceful night's sleep. Up early, she stretched and went for an extended run about the island, enjoying the good weather.

After a shower and lunch, she called her mom to fill her in on the details of the weekend.

The door was open and there was a broom sitting on the extra bed.
After a the hectic pace of the last few weeks, Isabel was grateful for some downtime, even if it meant she had too much time to think about fun with the kids and saying goodbye.

But things were slowly returning to normal. She'd covered library, had breakfast with Cedric, spent time with friends, and fulfilled StuCo responsibilities. Looking at the two packages sitting on her desk, Isabel realized that some things had slipped through the cracks. She made two phone calls then settled down to do some studying.
Isabel wasn't certain what time she finally got home after prom night. All she knew was it was late and she was exhausted from dancing and excitement.

It was after twelve when she finally woke up, and much later when she finally got off the phone with her mother. Diane Evans had enjoyed hearing all the details about prom, and now that she finally knew the truth about her daughter, she liked hearing stories about her friends.

After finally hanging up the phone, Isabel opened the door to her room and stretched out on her bed to read, stopping occasionally to smile at the tiara on her desk.

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Isabel wasn't sure what time she finally left Cedric's room. All she remembered was that it was very, very late and that she was glad the spell had finally broken.

It hadn't been the best of weeks. A dinner that was supposed to fun was entirely too angst-ridden. And although some classes had been fun. Others? Well, the company was good, but being on guard against possessed people wasn't. Fortunately research had given them answers and others were able to fix things. Although after finally checking her messages, Isabel was worried some people might be hurt beyond repair. After leaving a message of her own, it was finally time for bed.

She slept in late Saturday morning, then got up and and started gathering supplies for poster-making this evening. Half distracted in a search for glitter and markers, Isabel never looked at caller ID.

"Hello? Isabel? Honey is that you?" a familiar and very worried voice asked through the phone.

Shocked, Isabel sat down on the bed.

"Who is this? Please. I'm looking for my daughter."

"It's me dad," she said finally, her voice shaking.

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After a disturbing conversation with Sam in Revolutions, Isabel had stopped by Jack's room hoping to see him. He wasn't around and she didn't want to bother him if he was with his thingies, so she headed up to her room and another round of staring at her phone and contemplating calling Roswell.

The door was open.
The first few days of spring had been enjoyable, even if Isabel did spend a lot of time worrying about various people. But there had still been time for fun as well as a bit of insanity.

Library had been quiet, and Hunting fairly low key which good. Because as the afternoon progressed, Isabel found out that while aliens might not get sick, they can apparently suffer from massive allergy attacks if the pollen count got high enough. Uncertainty about how she'd react to any antihistimine meant that Isabel was reduced to sitting with a box of tissues in her lap and sneezing a lot.

The door was open.

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Monday hadn't been a bad day, what with having coffee with Xander and visiting Jarod at Caritas. But Revolutions shook Isabel up a little more then she would have liked. So she returned to her room and curled up on her bed to watch something mindless on the laptop.

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Even though she'd only been gone a week Fandom time, Isabel was cleaning her room like it really had been left closed up for six months. Reorganizing drawers and closets, scouring the bathroom, dusting every available surface, meant she didn't have to think about last night's conversation, or the worried voicemails and emails from her parents she's avoiding answering. It meant she could pretend she wasn't woken up by nightmares this morning.

The door was open, the radio was blaring the Rolling Stones, and Isabel was on her hands and knees in the bathroom, attacking the grout with a toothbrush.

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After the Perk, Isabel returned to her room, made a few handwavey phone calls and then tried to pack. If you can call randomly taking things in and out of drawers packing. Annie sat on the bed watching her, seeming to sense something was going on.

The door was cracked open.

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Warm cat curled up on her feet, plate of brownies and a glass of milk on the table next to her, and Isabel sat back with her book and relaxed.

So far it had been a perfectly wonderful and relaxing break. There'd been mocking of the beautiful and famous, an unexpected return, hanging out with friends and lots of snow. Aside from tomorrow night's trip with Parker, Isabel planned on doing more of the same till her first class on Tuesday.

The music was playing and the door was open.
It had been an extremely long two days. Between finding out Jack was in the clinic and getting him settled in his room yesterday, then spending the day with him today only to leave for a trip to the Underworld and the death of a friend, Isabel was physically and emotionally exhausted when she returned to her room.

She made a call to Greg to let him know she was back, then disappeared into the bathroom for a long, hot shower.
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After returning from waking up with Cedric, Isabel made a few phone calls, then spent a few minutes fixing what she could of her door.

That done, she curled up on her bed and tried not to shudder as she remembered the weekend. Bel and Dawn, the offer of a threesome. Anders. The creature on the roof. Zero and her camera, a memory which prompted another phone call. Caritas with Greg. And Cedric. Going back to Cedric's room.

Isabel whimpered.

The door was as closed as a door minus a doorknob could be.

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Lonnie slowly woke up, cursing quietly because her head hurt so badly. Without moving, she thought back over her night, trying to figure out what the hell she did to make it feel like she and Rath had spent the night drinking, smoking and playing some of their more kinkier games.

She remembered hanging out on the street corner. That one guy was hot but there was no way she was gonna pay. Then the two other likely prospects got distracted by that bitch. The bar looked like a good place to pass some time, even if the old guy did want to see ID.

Then she left...and met up with that blonde and her furry friend. It was all a blank after that.

A soft rumble caught her attention. Lonnie waved her hand and the lights came on. "The hell?" she yelled, staring at the thing sleeping on her floor. She picked up the nearest thing at hand, a book, and threw it.
Annie anxiously paced about the room. Her human had been acting and smelling strangely all day and it made her nervous.

Hearing noises at the door, the cat ran and hid under the bed.
Lonnie rolled over as the insistent pounding on her door refused to just go away.

Cut for language )

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Isabel was freezing by the time she made it back to her room. The leather pants and trashy, low cut top did nothing to replace the coat she'd used to cover up before they left for Aziraphale's. It hadn't been needed during their trip to the Underworld, so she'd left it at the apartment.

Fortunately, they'd gotten what they were looking for, even if doing so meant she had to play vapid blonde and hang on Cam. Of course that lasted only as long as it took for the fighting to start. But they'd gotten out without any injuries, a fact that Isabel relayed when she left messages for Greg and Jack.

She eyed the books on her desk that rustled ominously. "Don't try it. Or I'll lock you in the closet." Of course looking at the books reminded her that she really needed to study for War Theory. Something she'd already put off due to the trip to Crabapple Cove.

Isabel glanced down at her outfit and sighed. First things first, a shower, then comfy pajamas. It had been a long day.
After starting the day at the gym and then dropping Benjamin off at Sam's Isabel went off to Tortall for Alanna's Ordeal. The trip had been both fun and exhausting. She'd met some of Alanna's friends and had long talks with both Bel and Angel. But through it all she still worried about Cedric.

After unpacking and spending so quality time with Annie, Isabel stretched out on her bed and dozed off, only to wake when she heard her phone ring. She got to it just as the call went to voicemail, so she waited a minute then checked the message. She was halfway out the door when she realized that Jack probably would not want to be disturbed. Morning would come soon enough.

Smiling, Isabel went back to bed and quickly fell back asleep.
Isabel's a bit surprised she's still awake at this point. It had been a long weekend. Friday was insane and she's pretty certain that she'll never again be able to listen to The Night Before Christmas without twitching. Saturday had started off normally enough with some tree trimming. It got a little more surreal on the band trip. All the Galaxy Quest fans made her vaguely homesick for the Crash Festival. Entirely new levels of WTF were reached on the trip home, although for some reason the idea that Bigfoot was a fan of Teal Deer and a pretty good mechnic doesn't exactly surprise her. Maybe she's been in Fandom too long.

But things went downhill this morning when she went to the beach to meet Jack and Cedric and found out Cedric seemed to be missing. A search of the island hadn't turned up anything although they had ideas to follow up on tomorrow.

For now, she's wrapping Christmas presents and trying not to worry. It's not working.

The door's open.



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