Her morning portal from Fandom to Vegas had been canceled so it was late by the time Isabel finally made it home. She hadn't slept since she'd left Vegas and exhaustion and grief were finally catching up to her. One wrong word and the careful control she was just barely hanging onto would be gone.

Her movements slow and deliberate, Isabel took a shower and made herself a cup of tea before retreating to her room to hide for the night. Glancing at her phone on her nightstand, she realized that she hadn't talked to Wyatt since they'd exchanged texts on Saturday.

It seemed so long ago.

He deserved a call, but that would require explanations of everything that had happened and Isabel wasn't sure she'd be able to do that without breaking down.
It hadn't been a bad last week in Fandom. Between being social, seals, presents, and reality TV, it was certainly memorable. Even if the good-byes weren't so much fun.

There wasn't much left to pack. But Isabel was taking her time doing it.

The door was open.

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After the utter suck of the previous week, this week had actually started off pretty well. Mostly. But that was something she wasn't going to think about because it still made her frustrated.

Instead she'd think about the newest bout of Fandom Weirdness. The angels.

She'd spent the day at Pixie Dust making phone calls, writing a letter, and researching. Her research hadn't turned up anything useful, although fortunately other people had. Hopefully they'd be lucky in their searches. For now Isabel was more focused on worrying about who hadn't returned her calls.

She flipped on her TV but even bad reality TV wasn't going to help as a distraction tonight.
After her trip to town, Isabel returned to her room and left a message for Meg. That done, she settled back on her bed to reread her Angelica Desmesnes novels in preparation for the new book coming out in January. It was also a nice distraction from any of the other events of the week.

The door was open.
Friday had been Flight, the waterfight, checking up on Peter, and patrolling with Mel. On Saturday, Isabel had checked up on Charlie. On Sunday, she'd cooked. Today was the Newbie Welcome Picnic.

All that time with people meant that Isabel was quite happy to settle in with a book for the evening.

Annie was rolling around on the floor with a catnip toy and the door was open.

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So far the trip had been great.

But there was still plenty of things to see before the roadtrippers returned to Fandom tonight.

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Isabel had spent the day hiking through the preserve, using the time and the quiet to try and process the events of the last few months. A week with friends had helped and she was finally starting believe that being back wasn't just another elaborate dream.

After returning, Isabel settled down for a quick check of her email before starting her homework. Frowning at Sam's message, she thought for a long moment before typing a response and then leaving a voicemail. Still distracted, she put the laptop aside and tried to focus on her homework.

The door was open.
Cold and tired, Isabel opened the door to her room, smiling to find a solid and sleeping Greg in her bed.

It had been way too long a day. )

A short while later, after a long, hot shower and dressed in her warmest, comfiest pajamas, Isabel slid into the bed and snuggled up to Greg. She was asleep within minutes.

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