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Caritas with Clint

Room post - Savannah & Bel

Talking with Phoebe

Caritas - Kitty & Rory

Detention Breakout - Dinah, Phoebe, Wyatt, Jack Priest, Kaidan

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Heading Home with Wyatt

Filling Parker in
Upset over what had happened between Johnny and Savannah, Isabel hadn't slept well the night before. Around seven she gave up trying to sleep and decided to get up and start the day.

Since she didn't have any easy solutions to the situation, Isabel decided to go for the Nolan method of coping in a difficult situation and cook breakfast.

And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.
So last week had pretty much sucked. What with the fighting and the disappearing and the dramatic gestures and filling people in.

But ultimately they'd won. People returned. And there was celebrating and breakfast.

Returning to Roswell and finding everything the way it was supposed to be had been a relief. Finding out all her exams were over when she'd returned the Las Vegas a day later had been an even bigger relief in some ways. It meant she had more time to focus on catching up with all the holiday planning that had been disrupted by the world almost ending.

Three days later, after a massive online shopping spree and an afternoon spent decorating the apartment, Isabel was willing to admit she'd caught up as best she could and that it was time to relax.

With a bridal magazine.

Beware the OCD organizer girl on a mission.
Isabel had returned from the Reserve meeting and was talking things over with Wyatt when suddenly he'd orbed away.

And left her behind.

She was going to kill him when he got back. But until that happened, Isabel was going to pace the living room and worry.

[Expecting two but open to calls, texts or any other visitors or residents]
As soon as Wyatt orbed them back from Roswell, Isabel tossed her bag on the couch, pulled out her phone and tried to call her mother to apologize for missing dinner.

Except no one answered the phone.

Which was...odd.

"I guess you want to know what was going on," she said to Wyatt.

[Mostly for one, but calls are welcome.]
While the April Fool's Dance had been enjoyable, in retrospect Isabel wasn't surprised that the island decided to play a giant prank of it's own.

Ordinarily that wouldn't be a problem. After five years, both she and Wyatt had a routine for dealing with Fandom weirdness. Facepalm a lot on Monday morning, talk it out, and then life moved on. Except this time life got in the way. An early class meant they couldn't talk that first morning. Then there had been work, and papers to write, and a few demons that just refused to be vanquished in timely manner.

Isabel understood why Wyatt didn't want to leave Chris handle the situation on his own, but she reserved the right to be a bit cranky both about unresolved issues and about spending her birthday alone.

[Open! SPish till about 8.]
School was starting soon, so Isabel was trying to fit in as many shifts as she could since she was definitely going to be cutting her hours back once she was carrying a full load of classes. Unfortunately that meant that other then meeting with everyone yesterday and a quick and handwavey lunch with Savannah earlier in the day, Isabel really hadn't been able to take advantage of the suite's luxuries - well other then coming in late late late the night before and passing out on the very cushy mattress after a double shift.

It was late when Isabel finally made it back to the room. Wyatt wasn't around and she hoped that meant he was out having some fun even if she wasn't there. For a moment she considered calling him, but the allure of the super deep bathtub and a packet of bath salts was too strong. Isabel was going to relax.

[Yeah, who do you think it's for? ;-) ]
There was cheesy reality TV on. Of course Isabel was watching. It was an added treat to be rooting for someone she knew.

Feet up on the coffee table, she kept up a running commentary at the TV. "Oh come, you can't really be that stupid could you?"

[Open for phone calls, visitors, etc...]
Isabel was still a bit disappointed that Wyatt's spring break was happening the week after hers. But she had to admit, she was enjoying the chance to just relax with her family in Roswell. Besides, she had a weekend in San Francisco to look forward to.

After a day spent helping Liz decorate her and Max's new apartment, Isabel finally returned home and checked her messages and her email.

She might...possibly...maybe...stop laughing by the time she saw Chris and Johnny at graduation.

But there was a good chance she might not.

Still chuckling, Isabel flipped open the novel she was reading and settled into relax for the night.

[Open for phone calls, emails, or orbing boyfriends]
izzyalienqueen: (seriously)
She'd tried to tone things down as much as she could, but Isabel was still afraid her professor would think the paper she'd written for her composition class was better suited for a creative writing class. Still, after three hours of concentrating, she was pleased with the paper she'd written about teamwork in the face of adversity.

Reaching for her phone she flipped it on and immediately dialed her voicemail.

Ten minutes later, Isabel finally stopped facepalming.

"Oh this is going to go over well."

Knowing this probably wasn't the only message Savannah left, she decided to be proactive and send a text.
Piper & Bel's Party - Alanna, Anders, Chris, Parker, Piper, Summer, Wyatt

Savannah's Amnesia - Johnny, Savannah, Summer, Chris, Eve, Wyatt

Caritas on Honesty Day - Wyatt, Ronan, Hoshi
The wedding had been wonderful, and it was great to catch up with friends. But unfortunately Monday found Isabel back in real life with not a single talking animal to be seen.

She made it through her classes, spent some time at the gym, had dinner, and finally made it back to her room just in time to start researching information for her next psych paper. That was, when she wasn't being distracted by games that were being shared by people on her Google Reader.

[Open for phone calls, emails, unexpected visitors...]
It hadn't been a bad last week in Fandom. Between being social, seals, presents, and reality TV, it was certainly memorable. Even if the good-byes weren't so much fun.

There wasn't much left to pack. But Isabel was taking her time doing it.

The door was open.

[OOC: Good-bye post. *sniffles* Assume handwavey phone calls. ETA: Random bouts of SP for the rest of the afternoon due to RL.]
It hadn't been the weekend Isabel had planned on. She'd been grabbed on her way to town and spent two days in Tartarus screaming.

But she'd finally been rescued and made her way back to her room.

Cold, tired, and worried about what Wyatt was doing in the midst of all this, Isabel pulled a blanket around her shoulders and curled up on her bed to wait for him.

[For the boyfriend.]



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