Phone call with Ronan

Text from Wyatt - Chris is a girl!

Alumni Reunion at Disney with Weetiny Children

Meeting the wee children - Wyatt, Ronan,

Talking to Parker

Character Breakfast - Chris
It shouldn't have been a surprise. It was March. Isabel had been holding her breath waiting for whatever trauma the universe was going to dump on her this year. After all, it wasn't as if the last three years had been all that peaceful.

Still, in the grand scheme of things, a persistent portal that grabbed her on her way to the library and deposited her in a rather swank hotel room on the Vegas Strip wasn't all that bad, Isabel thought. Until she looked out the window and realized that it wasn't her Vegas strip. The differences were subtle but it was enough for Isabel to realize that she was somewhere she didn't belong. Especially when she had an exam in an hour.

Fortunately she had an interdimensional Bridge-phone and a boyfriend that could orb. She'd be back in time to get a coffee before class.

Except her phone – the one that was never supposed to fail – chose that moment to not work.


Two hours later, after repeated calls to the Portalocity customer service desk that ended with a message of "all circuits are busy, please call back later", Isabel was ready to pitch the hotel phone across the room.

Instead, she grabbed her purse and left the room. She'd get a coffee. Take a walk. Check out the tourists and then try Portalocity later.

It was a just weirdness. She was used to weirdness. She'd cope and if all went well she'd be home in time for the weekend.

[For one...]
One of the benefits of the Parkers thinking of Isabel as family was that they didn't mind when she collapsed into a booth after a long morning of Christmas shopping, ordered a hot chocolate and then didn't move for a few hours while she waited for the guys to get back from their own frantic last minute shopping trip.

Head resting on her arm, she watched as Maria and Liz bustled around the crowded diner without missing a step.

She must have been more tired then she thought because suddenly her eyes closed.

This is not my wonderful life )

[Open for phone calls, texts, or random portal drops for gift giving purposes.]
So the weekend had been interesting.

She'd had an affair with her boyfriend, a catfight with Summer, gone trolling for cheap sex with Parker, had angry sex with Chris and then woken up with him to mutual flailing.

Fortunately Parker had been kind enough to let her use her room to shower, change clothes, and work up the courage to head to the other floor.

Eventually Isabel did manage to make her way back to the room. Only to stop inside the door when she realized that the maids hadn't been by to clean yet. It was obvious Wyatt had had a good time the night before. The question was, with who. Isabel was pretty sure she knew.

Somehow the thought that he was going to be as facepalmy as she was wasn't much of a comfort.

Ignoring the sticky remains of whipped cream and melted candle wax, Isabel started to pack her bag for the trip back to school.
Isabel yawned and stretched with the satisfied demeanor of a woman who'd had a very enjoyable, and energetic evening. A glance at the bedside clock showed that it was still early enough that she didn't need to worry about getting back to her husband, not that she really cared about him all that much anyway, but there was an image to be maintained. Turning to the other body in the bed, she slid her hand down his side.

"Wakey, wakey," she purred.

[For the one...]
After finding out both Wyatt and Parker had changed genders, Isabel let out a sigh of relief that whatever bit of Fandom weirdness that had reached out to the alumni had passed her by.

After class she made her way back to her room to wait for her girl-boyfriend to show up.
It hadn't been the weekend Isabel had planned on. She'd been grabbed on her way to town and spent two days in Tartarus screaming.

But she'd finally been rescued and made her way back to her room.

Cold, tired, and worried about what Wyatt was doing in the midst of all this, Isabel pulled a blanket around her shoulders and curled up on her bed to wait for him.

[For the boyfriend.]
izzyalienqueen: (if you just held me)
After leaving Cal's room, Isabel had done just what she'd said she would, gone back to her room and immediately gone to sleep. She wasn't sure when Wyatt had turned up, all she knew was at some point there was a warm body to snuggle up to.

Isabel was in the midst of a pleasant dream, and certainly not ready to wake up, when suddenly there was an announcement.

"You've got to be kidding me."

[For the boyfriend who was modded with permission. For great slowplay till this evening.]
From here

She'd agreed to the tests, whatever they would involve, in a vain hope that her cooperation would spare Max, Michael and Wyatt some pain. Pierce had given one curt nod and left the room.

Now, minutes seemed like hours as she waited for him to return and the testing to begin.

Isabel wasn't sure if it was her imagination or reality, but everyone once in a while she wore she could hear an anguished scream echo through the deafening silence of the White Room.

Hands curled into fists, nails digging into her palms, she waited.
cut for length and not so nice imagery )

[Adapted from the Roswell novel Pursuit by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin]
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To say the past few days had been busy was a bit of an understatement. But Isabel was glad that Max and her parents had made it for her graduation. Even if things did get a bit insane.

But her family was gone now, on their slightly longer trip home, and Isabel was taking the opportunity to sit and relax.

And wish like hell a new season of The Amazing Race was going to start anytime soon.

The door was open.
The weekend had been bittersweet at best. It had been wonderful to actually meet Victoria and all her cousins. But significantly less wonderful to find out that there was a reality where Wyatt and Savannah never made it back from Cairo in the past. Still it had been fun to spend time as a family and get a glimpse of what the future held.

But after a loud and crazy dinner, they'd had to say good-bye.

She'd spent most of Tuesday cleaning her room in preparation for her family visiting this weekend before finally settling down on her bed and flipping on the TV. Hopefully the boys of the Bering Sea would be a good distraction.

The door was open.
Wyatt had handwavily found Victoria at Caritas and called Isabel to tell her to meet them back at her room. After getting their daughter cleaned up and settled into the spare bed, Isabel sat down on her bed and sighed.

"This is just preview of what life is going to be like isn't it?"

[For the baby daddy!]
It had been one of those days.

But it was over and everyone was at least physically okay. As far as mentally, Isabel was afraid that might be another story.

It was only after Wyatt had orbed them back from the preserve and they'd gotten cleaned up and were curled on the bed that Isabel finally spoke. "Talk to me?"



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