Weetiny Begins - Ronan, Victoria

The Perk - Karla, Jack Priest, Parker

The Outback - Ronan, Wyatt

The Perk - Victoria, Wyatt
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For a change, fortune had smiled on Isabel's weekend plans. She had only a little bit of classwork to do, she didn't have to work until Monday evening, and for once the demon population of a future version of San Francisco had decided to lay low for a while which meant Wyatt was sprawled next to her for snuggling purposes.

Sleepily, Isabel contemplated the clock, decided it was too early for coffee and rolled back over to go to sleep. There was a quiet weekend to look forward to.

She had no idea what was happening in Fandom.

[For the boyfriend and weetiny children making phone calls]
Phone call with Ronan

Text from Wyatt - Chris is a girl!

Alumni Reunion at Disney with Weetiny Children

Meeting the wee children - Wyatt, Ronan,

Talking to Parker

Character Breakfast - Chris
The weekend had been bittersweet at best. It had been wonderful to actually meet Victoria and all her cousins. But significantly less wonderful to find out that there was a reality where Wyatt and Savannah never made it back from Cairo in the past. Still it had been fun to spend time as a family and get a glimpse of what the future held.

But after a loud and crazy dinner, they'd had to say good-bye.

She'd spent most of Tuesday cleaning her room in preparation for her family visiting this weekend before finally settling down on her bed and flipping on the TV. Hopefully the boys of the Bering Sea would be a good distraction.

The door was open.
Wyatt had handwavily found Victoria at Caritas and called Isabel to tell her to meet them back at her room. After getting their daughter cleaned up and settled into the spare bed, Isabel sat down on her bed and sighed.

"This is just preview of what life is going to be like isn't it?"

[For the baby daddy!]
It had been a typical week in Fandom. Isabel had caught up with people and enjoyed a bit of gremlin induced hijinks.

After closing up Pixie Dust, she'd returned to her room, dried off and settled in to work on her essay for Dr. Wilson's class.

She had no idea what other people had to deal with that day.
After a the hectic pace of the last few weeks, Isabel was grateful for some downtime, even if it meant she had too much time to think about fun with the kids and saying goodbye.

But things were slowly returning to normal. She'd covered library, had breakfast with Cedric, spent time with friends, and fulfilled StuCo responsibilities. Looking at the two packages sitting on her desk, Isabel realized that some things had slipped through the cracks. She made two phone calls then settled down to do some studying.
After visiting and having dinner with Cedric and Aiden and then dropping Alexandria off at Jack's, Isabel had stopped by Greg's and picked up Josh. Several movies, paper clip races and a pillow fight later, Josh had finally fallen asleep.

Isabel was sprawled on her bed, wondering if she should ever try to explain this weekend to her mother.

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Isabel wasn't certain what time she finally got home after prom night. All she knew was it was late and she was exhausted from dancing and excitement.

It was after twelve when she finally woke up, and much later when she finally got off the phone with her mother. Diane Evans had enjoyed hearing all the details about prom, and now that she finally knew the truth about her daughter, she liked hearing stories about her friends.

After finally hanging up the phone, Isabel opened the door to her room and stretched out on her bed to read, stopping occasionally to smile at the tiara on her desk.

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