The wedding had been wonderful, and it was great to catch up with friends. But unfortunately Monday found Isabel back in real life with not a single talking animal to be seen.

She made it through her classes, spent some time at the gym, had dinner, and finally made it back to her room just in time to start researching information for her next psych paper. That was, when she wasn't being distracted by games that were being shared by people on her Google Reader.

[Open for phone calls, emails, unexpected visitors...]
Once again Isabel was grateful that traveling with Wyatt was so much nicer then regular air travel or even portal. She made it home from Angel's with time enough to run into town to get some chocolate pudding before The Amazing Race started.

Wondering how Michael was doing, she handwavily left him a message then settled back to watch the end of 60 Minutes.

The door was open.
The weekend had started off normal enough, with workshops on Friday. Then it started to get weird. Saturday was spent fighting Triceratops and then looking after Peter in the clinic. She'd spent the night and most of the day there, carefully returning to the dorms in the evening in order to get some decent sleep. Except she couldn't sleep.

Finally Isabel returned to her room and got ready for bed. Picking up Annie, she snuggled her close before falling into a restless sleep under the glow of the star lamp.
Isabel had done laundry after the StuCo meeting but never got a chance to put it away before she went to Caritas for Willow's party. Frowning at the pile, she started to straighten up.

The door was open.
Isabel woke up after a much needed nap and stretched, thinking about the events of the last twenty-four hours. Only in Fandom could a simple movie night with friends turn into a collective nightmare. And despite knowing everyone really was okay, she'd still been too keyed up to sleep although the visit to Jack had helped calm her nerves enough that she'd been able to visit Phoebe and then get to her classes.

With a sigh, Isabel climbed out of bed and began to get ready for the dance.

The door was closed but completely knockable.
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After staying up late for charades the night before, Isabel had slept in late, planning on spending a lazy day doing homework and some reading. She was not going to think about where she was going tomorrow night. Nor was she going to watch the clock and worry about friends that were off planet at the moment.

Company would help with that, so Isabel made a quick trip to town and then a stop down the hall. Anyone wandering by would find Isabel and Cedric sharing bagels and coffee while watching Annie stalk about the room.

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Mondays were so much more enjoyable when they could be considered a part of the weekend. And with no classes, Isabel did. After visiting Dawn and then going skating on Saturday night, Isabel spent a quiet Sunday recovering from the assorted bumps and bruises she received.

She finally ventured out this morning to the School Board Brunch where she had a lovely time discussing Type A brothers with Steve Peter. The mental images created by the little old lady were significantly less lovely.

Not up to the common room, Isabel sat with her door open, watching as wandering coconuts wandered into the room to be chased by Annie.
Isabel was freezing by the time she made it back to her room. The leather pants and trashy, low cut top did nothing to replace the coat she'd used to cover up before they left for Aziraphale's. It hadn't been needed during their trip to the Underworld, so she'd left it at the apartment.

Fortunately, they'd gotten what they were looking for, even if doing so meant she had to play vapid blonde and hang on Cam. Of course that lasted only as long as it took for the fighting to start. But they'd gotten out without any injuries, a fact that Isabel relayed when she left messages for Greg and Jack.

She eyed the books on her desk that rustled ominously. "Don't try it. Or I'll lock you in the closet." Of course looking at the books reminded her that she really needed to study for War Theory. Something she'd already put off due to the trip to Crabapple Cove.

Isabel glanced down at her outfit and sighed. First things first, a shower, then comfy pajamas. It had been a long day.
Aching and tired, Isabel let herself into her room and headed straight for the shower. She was achy, tired and worried about her friends and their injuries but she realized it could have been much worse. After all, they were dealing with trolls!

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After dressing in her favorite comfy pajamas, Isabel picked up her phone, left a message then stretched out on her bed with her eyes closed.

[for the boyfriend please]
Isabel wasn't surprised that she slept in late Monday morning. After all they'd been up late meeting people at Caritas on Saturday night. It had gone surprisingly well, even if Max was surprised that she was dating a geek with weird hair and the conversation with Peter had touched a little too close to home. It was still going well when they talked to Parker, even if she did scare Max just a bit. But then they's stop so she could check up on Bel. And he unintentionally blabbed and Max's head exploded. She didn't get to sleep after that.

Fortunately Max had calmed down by the them they met at the beach yesterday and he agreed to let her stay. Looking back, Isabel is pretty sure he realized that if he forced her to go home, the first thing she would do was tell their parents the truth.

She was glad that she and English Peter had organized the party. It seemed like everyone had needed a chance to unwind.

Showered, dressed and with time to spare before class, Isabel sat and did a little online shopping for an upcoming special occasion.

The door is open.

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It's been a busy few days. Between cleaning the TA lounge, the phone call to Angel and subsequent boggling with Parker, some alien fu, library training, and a mostly emo free Ethics class, Isabel is more then happy to skip the common rooms for the evening. Besides, the StuCo election was fast approaching. She needed to get to work on posters.

The posterboard and glitter are out. The music is playing and the door is open.
Figuring that watching movies on the laptop would require a bit too much togetherness for four people, Isabel had handwavily borrowed Jack's TV and DVD player. They're set up on Xander's old desk along with a bowl of popcorn and a plate of brownies. The fridge is stocked with sodas and bottled water. The DVDs arrived this morning. All that's needed is for the guests to arrive.

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It's been a busy few days. There was a interesting and enlightening Conversation with Sam. Then somehow talking about evil aliens in Constant Vigilance had devolved into talking about leather and fishnets with Cedric. She'd nearly hyperventilated at Festivus and helped protest for a dance floor at Caritas. Last night she'd stayed up late looking after and accidently dreamwalking Jack. Toss in cheering at the basketball game and a gremlin on the loose, it's no wonder Isabel not in the mood for the common rooms tonight.

Sprawled on her bed, she flipped through a magazine, quietly mocking the clothes the celebs were wearing.

The door's open.



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