Beach in the Umbridgeverse - wee Anakin Solo, Savannah

Caritas with Clint

Room post - Savannah & Bel

Talking with Phoebe

Caritas - Kitty & Rory

Detention Breakout - Dinah, Phoebe, Wyatt, Jack Priest, Kaidan

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Heading Home with Wyatt

Filling Parker in
Upset over what had happened between Johnny and Savannah, Isabel hadn't slept well the night before. Around seven she gave up trying to sleep and decided to get up and start the day.

Since she didn't have any easy solutions to the situation, Isabel decided to go for the Nolan method of coping in a difficult situation and cook breakfast.

And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.
Weetiny Begins - Ronan, Victoria

The Perk - Karla, Jack Priest, Parker

The Outback - Ronan, Wyatt

The Perk - Victoria, Wyatt
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For a change, fortune had smiled on Isabel's weekend plans. She had only a little bit of classwork to do, she didn't have to work until Monday evening, and for once the demon population of a future version of San Francisco had decided to lay low for a while which meant Wyatt was sprawled next to her for snuggling purposes.

Sleepily, Isabel contemplated the clock, decided it was too early for coffee and rolled back over to go to sleep. There was a quiet weekend to look forward to.

She had no idea what was happening in Fandom.

[For the boyfriend and weetiny children making phone calls]
So last week had pretty much sucked. What with the fighting and the disappearing and the dramatic gestures and filling people in.

But ultimately they'd won. People returned. And there was celebrating and breakfast.

Returning to Roswell and finding everything the way it was supposed to be had been a relief. Finding out all her exams were over when she'd returned the Las Vegas a day later had been an even bigger relief in some ways. It meant she had more time to focus on catching up with all the holiday planning that had been disrupted by the world almost ending.

Three days later, after a massive online shopping spree and an afternoon spent decorating the apartment, Isabel was willing to admit she'd caught up as best she could and that it was time to relax.

With a bridal magazine.

Beware the OCD organizer girl on a mission.
Keeping in mind what she'd been told at the library, Isabel kept a wary eye out on the way back to Ronan's house.

She didn't notice anyone suspicious and maybe she was just being paranoid, but it seemed like the streets were a little emptier then normal.

Relieved to finally be back in familiar surroundings, Isabel poked around the kitchen and tried to figure out what to make for dinner.

[For the housemates or anyone else that needs her]
Isabel had returned from the Reserve meeting and was talking things over with Wyatt when suddenly he'd orbed away.

And left her behind.

She was going to kill him when he got back. But until that happened, Isabel was going to pace the living room and worry.

[Expecting two but open to calls, texts or any other visitors or residents]
Shock of shocks, the family meeting hadn’t gone well. Max and Michael were furious that she’d spilled all their long held secrets while her parents were still in shock over finding out their children's true origins. No one even wanted to get into the whole disappearing buildings and people thing.

For the moment everyone had retreated to separate corners of the house to try and calm down and come to terms with things. Max and Michael were lurking the kitchen, her parents were outside on the patio, chairs pulled together and talking earnestly. Isabel and Wyatt had retreated to what was supposed to be her bedroom, but all the changes had made it a stranger’s room and there was no comfort in familiarity to be found.

Isabel paced about the room in frustration, unable to avoid feeling like they were running out of time. “I swear to god, I am this close to having you just grab them and orb them to the island.”
The unfortunate thing about life after Fandom was that it required a job that didn't give you time off for weirdness or the potential apocalypse. Isabel had managed to get through her shift on Saturday although she'd grown progressively more on edge as the evening wore on and she realized the number of staff people that weren't around when they were supposed to be.

With Wyatt in San Francisco checking the Book of Shadows, sleep wasn't really an option once Isabel got home. Instead she spent most of the night texting Wyatt and Parker like some sort of crazed stalker just to be sure they were still around. Isabel was definitely not thinking about what she would do if one of them stopped responding.

At some point she did finally doze off for a few hours of restless sleep, only to be woken by her alarm reminding her that crisis or not, there was a job to go to.

Cranky and clutching her coffee, Isabel left her car at the parking lot she used and walked towards the Vegas Strip, only to stop dead at the sight before her. Instead of several acres of buildings housing a casio, shopping and hotel towers, there was only blackness. A blackness it seemed only she could see judging by the tourists that brushed past her without a care in the world.

Things were getting serious. Pulling out her phone, Isabel left a few messages for some people. After another incredulous look at where the casino used to be, she headed home to wait.

[For phone calls, visits, etc...]
As soon as Wyatt orbed them back from Roswell, Isabel tossed her bag on the couch, pulled out her phone and tried to call her mother to apologize for missing dinner.

Except no one answered the phone.

Which was...odd.

"I guess you want to know what was going on," she said to Wyatt.

[Mostly for one, but calls are welcome.]
It would figure that demons would pick the night they were due home to Roswell for an early Thanksgiving dinner to start causing havoc in San Francisco. Isabel had offered to go help out but Wyatt had promised that he and Chris had things well in hand and that he would definitely turn up in time for pie.

So despite all of Portalocity’s recent issues, Isabel had booked a portal from Vegas to Roswell. It was supposed to be a simple trip, one she'd done before with no trouble. How badly could they screw it up?

Two hours and one layover in some weird pink universe later, the portal finally dropped her off. Except instead of landing in the secluded grove in the park just a block from her parents' house Isabel wound up in an alley on the other side of town. When no one answered her calls for a ride, she'd finally tracked down a taxi and made her way home, only to arrive at a dark and empty house.

Concerned, Isabel let herself in and started to look around.

There’s no place like home. Unless it's not your home )

Two hours later Max and Michael had a slight case of information overload )

[NFB, NFI, Pre-played with [ profile] blessed_twice and with the wonderful [ profile] mparkerceo stepping in to channel the alien boys. Let the BDE angst begin!]
Diane Evans pulled the bedroom door halfway shut before walking a few feet down the hall way. As she suspected the sound of childish voices and soft laughter quickly began.

"I can hear you," she said, shaking her head in amusement. Guilty silence followed but Diane doubted it would last long. Still, in the long run, it wouldn't matter. If this weekend was anything like the last weekend her daughter and her boyfriend had spent as young children, they'd be back to normal in the morning with nothing but a sugar hangover and a new set of pictures on her camera to show for it.

There was another quickly stifled round of giggles before two voices calling out, "Night Mom!" "Night Mrs. Evans..."

"Good night! Now sleep!" And please, please be adults when you wake up in the morning, was her unspoken added wish.

[For phone calls or the wee boyfriend if he's not distracted by football.]
The summer semester was over and Isabel had a few days of down before the fall semester began. It was hard to believe she only had two more semesters until she graduated. She had a feeling the time was going to go by quickly. That thought might be why she was perusing want ads although maybe she should be considering positions in San Francisco in the future.

Last week's Project Runway was playing on the TV and job searching was on the verge of losing out to Farmville. Isabel had priorities after all.

[Open if you feel like calling or dropping by!]
Almost twelve hours after putting the first DVD in the player, Isabel waved a hand to turn the TV off.

"Okay, I have to admit, hiding from the heat and marathoning King of the Bracelets was a pretty good way to spend the day," she grinned.
While the April Fool's Dance had been enjoyable, in retrospect Isabel wasn't surprised that the island decided to play a giant prank of it's own.

Ordinarily that wouldn't be a problem. After five years, both she and Wyatt had a routine for dealing with Fandom weirdness. Facepalm a lot on Monday morning, talk it out, and then life moved on. Except this time life got in the way. An early class meant they couldn't talk that first morning. Then there had been work, and papers to write, and a few demons that just refused to be vanquished in timely manner.

Isabel understood why Wyatt didn't want to leave Chris handle the situation on his own, but she reserved the right to be a bit cranky both about unresolved issues and about spending her birthday alone.

[Open! SPish till about 8.]
An unfamiliar bed plus an almost eight months pregnant body meant Isabel hadn't gotten the best night's sleep. Then again, she hadn't had a decent night's sleep since the small person had taken up tap dancing on her kidneys.

With a yawn and a quick mental review of exactly how long it was till her due date, she rolled over and poked Wyatt. "Your son would like breakfast."



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