The Perk - Johnny, Parker, Alanna, Tahiri

Graduation mingling - Wyatt, Parker, Phoebe, Xander

Celebrating with the grads - Wyatt, Chris, Ronan

Grad Brunch - Peter Petrelli
The wedding had been wonderful, and it was great to catch up with friends. But unfortunately Monday found Isabel back in real life with not a single talking animal to be seen.

She made it through her classes, spent some time at the gym, had dinner, and finally made it back to her room just in time to start researching information for her next psych paper. That was, when she wasn't being distracted by games that were being shared by people on her Google Reader.

[Open for phone calls, emails, unexpected visitors...]
Even though there had been some discussion of wedding plans, Isabel had managed not to get too carried away with the planning and had instead spent the last week enjoying time with Wyatt and her family.

Unfortunately though, Wyatt did have a family of his own to get back to. Which meant it was time for him to head off to San Francisco. Isabel was trying hard not to think about how that could go wrong. After dinner with her family they took a ride out into the desert, partly to see the show but mostly because good-byes, even if they were only going to be temporary, were easier without a crowd.

[For the boyfriend and potential slowplay. Stupid cold.]
It hadn't been a bad last week in Fandom. Between being social, seals, presents, and reality TV, it was certainly memorable. Even if the good-byes weren't so much fun.

There wasn't much left to pack. But Isabel was taking her time doing it.

The door was open.

[OOC: Good-bye post. *sniffles* Assume handwavey phone calls. ETA: Random bouts of SP for the rest of the afternoon due to RL.]
Other then talking to Xander, Isabel's day had been fairly quiet. After closing the store and getting some dinner, she went back to her room and tried to get things organized so she could start packing. There wasn't all that much time left.

The door was open.
Top Model - Meg & Wyatt

Pixie Dust - Andrew

Campfire - Luke, English Peter

Luau - Jen, Dean

Chris's Birthday - Chris, Xander, Wyatt
Isabel was not happy when she woke up and found out that Fandom Weirdness had changed her into a guy. Her mood started to improve once she made it to class. And it was much better after spending time in town catching up with people. It had improved enough, that she even sent photographic evidence to Parker.

Still, between residual issues from the weekend, and her sudden guyness, it meant that the six month anniversary evening she'd originally planned on had turned into a quiet dinner and then a walk in the preserve.

[For the boyfriend please. Comments are NWS!]]
After the utter suck of the previous week, this week had actually started off pretty well. Mostly. But that was something she wasn't going to think about because it still made her frustrated.

Instead she'd think about the newest bout of Fandom Weirdness. The angels.

She'd spent the day at Pixie Dust making phone calls, writing a letter, and researching. Her research hadn't turned up anything useful, although fortunately other people had. Hopefully they'd be lucky in their searches. For now Isabel was more focused on worrying about who hadn't returned her calls.

She flipped on her TV but even bad reality TV wasn't going to help as a distraction tonight.
After spending the afternoon assuring Wyatt that she was just fine after that morning's adventures, Isabel finally made it back to her room, still thrilled that they'd managed to pull it off.

She flipped on the Grammy's for background noise and pulled out the laptop, intending to get past level 16.

The door was open.



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