After facing down Lonnie in last night's dream, Isabel's slept in late then spent the day trying to catch up on the homework and reading she'd let slide during the past week.

At one point she picked up her phone and comtemplated calling Max to let him know what had happened, but she decided to let that wait for a few more days, until she'd had some time to get it all straight in her head. As Isabel went to put the phone down, she noticed she had a message. After listening to it and then calling and leaving one of her own she decided it was time to get our of her room and take a walk.

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Isabel was pretty certain that Lonnie was in some way responsible for the nightmares of the past week. And knowing that, it made it a little easier to close her eyes as it got dark and the week caught up with her. Within minutes, she was fast asleep.

The dream of the control room started again. But this time, as Kivar walked into the room Vilandra turned away. "No Lonnie. Not this time," Isabel said. "Show yourself. I know you're here somewhere."

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After Parker had found her at Meerkat and explained about Lonnie, Isabel had agreed to go back to the dorms. After assuring Parker that she was okay and wouldn't leave the dorms without someone to watch her back, Isabel shut the door behind her and disappeared into the bathroom for a long hot shower. When she finally came out, dressed in a comfortable pair of sweats and Greg's t-shirt, she sat on the window sill and tried to figure out what to do next.
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Isabel hadn't slept again after last night's dream. Thoughts racing through her head, she laid on the bed and tried to figure out what to do. As the sun rose and light filled the cabin, Isabel still wasn't any closer to an answer.

Lost in thought, she turned suddenly when the door opened.
Isabel didn’t know where she was going when she left Ethics class. But after seeing Jack and talking to Vader and River, she just wanted to get away from the school and anyone that would ask or could even see what was going on in her head.

Eventually her path led her into the preserve to Meerkat. The door was locked, but it only took her a moment to use her powers to open it. She made her way to her alcove and sat down on the bed, pulling up her legs and resting her head on her knees, trying hard not to think about anything.

Outside the cabin, the sky grew dark. Inside, the last three nights of interrupted and uneasy sleep finally caught up with her and Isabel dozed off.

She was back in the control room )

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After the visit by Alex's ghost, and then the bitter fight with Jack, Isabel spent the day hiding in her room. She thought briefly about dinner, but the mere thought of food was enough to make her feel sick. Instead she slowly sipped a bottle of tepid water and cuddled Annie close.

Sleeping was the last thing she wanted to do, and Isabel tried her best to stay awake as it got later and later, pacing about the room anxiously.

But eventually she fell into a troubled sleep )

Isabel woke up; a scream caught in her throat, and immediately ran towards the bathroom. Minutes later she returned, the meager contents of her stomach gone, and huddled, miserable, under the blankets.
Isabel returned to her room after Political Campaigning, still somewhat amused by Josh's glee. With a yawn, she sat down and leaned back against the wall. She had managed to doze off after last night's dream, she supposed having Greg to hold on to had helped. But it was an uneasy sleep, and despite what she'd told him, Isabel still had her fears about what was happening to her.

Closing her eyes, she tried to think. )

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Even snuggled up next to Greg, it still took Isabel a long time to fall asleep. When she finally drifted off, her last thought was a wish for a dreamless sleep.

It wasn’t )

Isabel sat up with a gasp, gingerly feeling her shoulder which still ached from the bite. Her heart was racing and she took a deep shuddering breath to calm herself.
Tiny trolls had followed Isabel into her room when she returned from the library. Initially, she was grimly amused when Annie started chasing them about, but eventually she got annoyed and used her powers to grab them up in a chattering ball and send them out the door. With Annie distracted by a catnip laced toy, and the room finally quiet, Isabel sat down to focus on poll results as a way of distracting herself from any thoughts of dreams, or Vilandra.

The door is closed to keep out the trolls. But distractions would be more then welcome.
Isabel had slept reasonably well Sunday night. She supposed talking to Parker yesterday about the Dupes and the problems with Max had helped. Parker was right, she wasn’t Lonnie or Vilandra and despite what they had both done, it didn’t mean she was going to betray or hurt Max. She’d lived a completely different life, was a completely different person. And despite the alien essence she shared with them both, her irrational fears about Vilandra coming out, were just that, fears.

After Interstellar Relations, and a quick stop in the common room for food, Isabel returned to her room and started reviewing the latest polls on the election. When she had enough of that, she watched the download of the latest Wreathmist episode, before finally getting ready to bed.

And she dreamed )

The alarm sounded and Isabel reached out to shut it off, but she didn’t move from the bed. She could almost dismiss the first oh-so-real dream from Saturday night as nothing more then the result of fighting with Max about Vilandra and what she had done. But another dream? That built on the first? With emotions so real they carried over when she woke up?

She turned; burying her face in the pillow, certain she knew what was happening but unwilling to face it.

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Isabel is finally feeling more like herself after Friday's argument with Max and last night's odd dream. That's why the door is open as she plays with Annie, laughing as she used her powers to send a ball of crumpled up paper around the room for the cat to chase.

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After last night's fight with Max, Isabel hadn't been in the mood to talk to anyone. The day's power outage made it easy to hide in her room, alternately attempting to work on school work or staring at the ceiling.

Eventually it got dark and she gave up and went to bed, hoping that tomorrow would be a better day.

And she dreamed )

Isabel sat up and gasped, blinking as she focused on the familiar surroundings of her room. In moments, the residual anger faded and was replaced with an unsettled feeling. Reaching down, she scooped Annie out of her basket and cuddled her close as she lay back down. Within minutes Isabel drifted back into an uneasy sleep.

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After all the walking in Washington yesterday, Isabel enjoyed sleeping in on Friday morning. The break had been relaxing, mostly because she’d let a lot of her reading and school work slide for the week. But now it was almost over. Which meant it was time to buckle down and play catch up. Sitting on her bed with the laptop open, Isabel continued researching submarines for her paper in War Theory.



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