Somehow Isabel had managed to keep the conversation fairly light when she'd met Parker in the Perk the night before. The other girl was too travel-lagged and over-tired to deal with news about missing friends and Isabel figured she'd appreciate a night's sleep before having to face the current reality.

Because reality was better faced with food, Isabel was in the kitchen quietly making breakfast. And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

[For the housemates or anyone else looking for the alien girl. One of the kidlets is sick so I'll be home and pretty much around all day.]
The guys had disappeared for the evening and Isabel was pretty certain that they were having some sort of impromptu bachelor party. Ordinarily she'd be worried about what state they'd be in tomorrow for the wedding, but she figured between Max and Wyatt they'd be able to cure any hangovers.

The bachelorette party was a little more low-key. Liz was the bride after all. Wild and crazy was not her style. Instead they were sitting in the Evans' rec room with a stack of chick flicks and enough chocolate to feed an army. Isabel found she really couldn't complain as she settled in to watch the first movie with a plate full of chocolate truffles.

Even though she was hoping for a quiet night, Isabel had her phone just in case she got a call for bail money.

[For phone calls and huge amounts of SP due to RL and a miserable head cold.]
Even though there had been some discussion of wedding plans, Isabel had managed not to get too carried away with the planning and had instead spent the last week enjoying time with Wyatt and her family.

Unfortunately though, Wyatt did have a family of his own to get back to. Which meant it was time for him to head off to San Francisco. Isabel was trying hard not to think about how that could go wrong. After dinner with her family they took a ride out into the desert, partly to see the show but mostly because good-byes, even if they were only going to be temporary, were easier without a crowd.

[For the boyfriend and potential slowplay. Stupid cold.]
It hadn't been a bad last week in Fandom. Between being social, seals, presents, and reality TV, it was certainly memorable. Even if the good-byes weren't so much fun.

There wasn't much left to pack. But Isabel was taking her time doing it.

The door was open.

[OOC: Good-bye post. *sniffles* Assume handwavey phone calls. ETA: Random bouts of SP for the rest of the afternoon due to RL.]
The weekend had been fun. Between Johnny's party, congratulating Bridge, and then last night's pyrotechnics it had also been quite social.

Isabel hadn't gotten back to her room till late the previous night, which meant she didn't check her voicemail till that morning. Once she heard Bridge's message, Parker's frantic message suddenly made sense.

Xander and Bridge were going to hell she realized with a laugh. Figuring they might want some company, Isabel waited till evening to finally call Parker back.

The door was open.
It had been one of those days.

But it was over and everyone was at least physically okay. As far as mentally, Isabel was afraid that might be another story.

It was only after Wyatt had orbed them back from the preserve and they'd gotten cleaned up and were curled on the bed that Isabel finally spoke. "Talk to me?"
On her way up from the basement Isabel had run into Anders. Which was when she found out that no one else seemed to have switched personalities. Which meant whatever was wrong was probably something specific to Wyatt. Which meant it was probably some sort of magic.

If she could find out what sort of magic. And then let Chris know about it, they'd be that much closer to ending this.

After finding out from Anders that Bridge was in their room, Isabel took off for the stairs, a concerned Anders following in her wake.

Not the wake-up call you'd want )

[occ: preplayed with the most awesome [ profile] bridge_carson and [ profile] futurebucs_star
Mythologies - Anders & Wyatt

Common Room, Ronan's B-day - Robin, Hoshi, Carmela, Anders, Sky, Wyatt, Steve Peter, Ronan, Seregil, Cimorene, Adam

Bridge's Room

Pixie Dust - Andrew
She'd needed last night, Isabel realized. After everything that had happened, she needed a night of being quiet and feeling safe.

Eventually she'd made it back to her room. After a shower, she'd called her mom, feigning surprise at the news of the destruction of the Meta-Chem, and quickly changing the subject to the cleaning supplies that were currently working busily around the room.

"I know mom," she said eventually. "Yes, we'll be out for dinner soon. I promise. Bye." Isabel hung up her phone and opened her laptop. Solitaire would be a good way to not think for the afternoon.

[Door closed, post is open! And I'm about to go AFK till about 7 EST. I'll grab pings when I get back. And I'm back!!!]
After spending the afternoon assuring Wyatt that she was just fine after that morning's adventures, Isabel finally made it back to her room, still thrilled that they'd managed to pull it off.

She flipped on the Grammy's for background noise and pulled out the laptop, intending to get past level 16.

The door was open.
After getting back from Washingon, Isabel left a message for Wyatt, and stretched out on her bed. She was trying hard not to think about what could possibly go wrong in the morning but her mind kept offering up lots of worse case scenarios.

The door was open.
Pixie Dust - Michael, Meg

Wyatt's Birthday - Wyatt, Michael, Hoshi, Johnny, Dean, Bridge, Meg

Common room - Andrew, Seregil

Luke's with Michael

Lawyering Up - Lana
After Bridge's party, Isabel had a fairly quiet weekend. She'd gone shopping on the mainland, caught up on some reading, and took a few long naps.

Fortunately Monday's classes were fairly low-key, so Isabel returned to her room and set about wrapping the pile of Christmas presents she'd accumulated for the people.

Christmas carols were playing and the door was open.
Xander's Birthday - Xander, Bridge, Anders, Wyatt

Keeping Your Wits - Lana, Wyatt, Savannah

Top Model - Hoshi, Chad
Isabel had spent a long time in the shower scrubbing off the feel of quicksand and spider guts. When she was done, she dressed in her comfiest pajamas and sprawled across her bed, pushing aside the college applications in favor of a good book.

It had been a day.

The door was open.



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