To say the past few days had been busy was a bit of an understatement. But Isabel was glad that Max and her parents had made it for her graduation. Even if things did get a bit insane.

But her family was gone now, on their slightly longer trip home, and Isabel was taking the opportunity to sit and relax.

And wish like hell a new season of The Amazing Race was going to start anytime soon.

The door was open.
Mythologies - Anders & Wyatt

Common Room, Ronan's B-day - Robin, Hoshi, Carmela, Anders, Sky, Wyatt, Steve Peter, Ronan, Seregil, Cimorene, Adam

Bridge's Room

Pixie Dust - Andrew
After work Isabel had returned to her room, made a few handwavey phone calls, then turned on Christmas carols and settled in for an evening of gift giving.

It was a nice distraction from thinking about anything else.

The Christmas tree lights were twinkling and the door was most definitely open.

[ooc: If you think you might have gotten a phone call to come get a present, you did, so stop on by.]
Aside from being social and cooking on Friday morning, answering a letter and talking to Jaina today, Isabel had had a mostly quiet weekend as she worked on finishing up her college applications. They were finally done and stacked neatly in a pile on her desk, ready to be mailed in the morning.

To celebrate, Isabel flipped on the TV and got ready to watch the premiere of The Amazing Race. She'd missed Phil Keoghan.

The door was open.
Fortunately work had been quiet and Isabel was able to get a significant amount of work done on her applications. That's why she didn't feel guilty when she grabbed her laptop and answered an email, then flipped on the TV to look for something cheesy to watch.

The door was open.
After work Isabel had gotten some dinner and returned to her room. Her conversation with Professor Lyman had given her a lot to think about. She checked the deadlines and it looked like she could pull it off. But it would mean for the next two and half weeks, she'd have to cut back on socializing with friends until the application was done. It was something she was going to have to think about and decide on soon.

For now though, Isabel opened her laptop and set about writing an email to Maria, to fill her in about certain recent events.

The door was open.
izzyalienqueen: (Joy)
Work and being social meant that Isabel was more then content to spend Sunday quietly in her room doing some writing, reading for class and surfing around on the web.

Then the phone rang. Recognizing the number, Isabel flipped open the phone. "Hi Maria. What's up?"

For once, it was good news )

Thirty minutes later, Isabel hung up the phone and sat in stunned silence for a few minutes as the shock wore off. Then she let out a yell of pure glee, before starting to pack.

The door was open.



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