Thanks to the efforts of Veronica, Piper, Chris & Summer, the Hyperion was decorated nicely for Wyatt's birthday and there was plenty of food to eat.

Now it was just a matter of the birthday boy arriving. Don't worry, Isabel would make sure he'd be there on time.

[Wyatt's Birthday Party. Invites of the handwavey sort were sent out and equally handwavey transport by Chris Halliwell was provided. Ping in and get your alumni February activity.]
Phone call with Ronan

Text from Wyatt - Chris is a girl!

Alumni Reunion at Disney with Weetiny Children

Meeting the wee children - Wyatt, Ronan,

Talking to Parker

Character Breakfast - Chris
The Perk - Johnny, Parker, Alanna, Tahiri

Graduation mingling - Wyatt, Parker, Phoebe, Xander

Celebrating with the grads - Wyatt, Chris, Ronan

Grad Brunch - Peter Petrelli
Piper & Bel's Party - Alanna, Anders, Chris, Parker, Piper, Summer, Wyatt

Savannah's Amnesia - Johnny, Savannah, Summer, Chris, Eve, Wyatt

Caritas on Honesty Day - Wyatt, Ronan, Hoshi
So the weekend had been interesting.

She'd had an affair with her boyfriend, a catfight with Summer, gone trolling for cheap sex with Parker, had angry sex with Chris and then woken up with him to mutual flailing.

Fortunately Parker had been kind enough to let her use her room to shower, change clothes, and work up the courage to head to the other floor.

Eventually Isabel did manage to make her way back to the room. Only to stop inside the door when she realized that the maids hadn't been by to clean yet. It was obvious Wyatt had had a good time the night before. The question was, with who. Isabel was pretty sure she knew.

Somehow the thought that he was going to be as facepalmy as she was wasn't much of a comfort.

Ignoring the sticky remains of whipped cream and melted candle wax, Isabel started to pack her bag for the trip back to school.
It hadn't been a bad last week in Fandom. Between being social, seals, presents, and reality TV, it was certainly memorable. Even if the good-byes weren't so much fun.

There wasn't much left to pack. But Isabel was taking her time doing it.

The door was open.

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Top Model - Meg & Wyatt

Pixie Dust - Andrew

Campfire - Luke, English Peter

Luau - Jen, Dean

Chris's Birthday - Chris, Xander, Wyatt
The weekend had been bittersweet at best. It had been wonderful to actually meet Victoria and all her cousins. But significantly less wonderful to find out that there was a reality where Wyatt and Savannah never made it back from Cairo in the past. Still it had been fun to spend time as a family and get a glimpse of what the future held.

But after a loud and crazy dinner, they'd had to say good-bye.

She'd spent most of Tuesday cleaning her room in preparation for her family visiting this weekend before finally settling down on her bed and flipping on the TV. Hopefully the boys of the Bering Sea would be a good distraction.

The door was open.
It had been one of those days.

But it was over and everyone was at least physically okay. As far as mentally, Isabel was afraid that might be another story.

It was only after Wyatt had orbed them back from the preserve and they'd gotten cleaned up and were curled on the bed that Isabel finally spoke. "Talk to me?"
Saturday had been busy, but today had been even busier. Isabel had had a very busy day. In fact it had been so busy that Wyatt didn't catch up with her until he handwavily found her in the common room with the polar bear. They went back to her room where Isabel managed to get herself cleaned up (although there might have still been some blue eye shadow smeared in the corners of her eyes) and dressed in her penguin pajamas. That was when she got the bright idea to make a phone call.

Once Wyatt hung up the phone, Isabel yawned once more. "I'm tired."
They'd done what they'd set out to do. The angels were trapped.

Now it was just a matter of waiting.

Isabel hated waiting.

The door was closed.

[Door closed, post open...]
Wyatt had left early yesterday morning, promising to return soon. Isabel had tried not to panic as her increasingly frantic calls went unanswered. She'd tried to convince herself that his phone was dead, that they were just engrossed in whatever project they were working on but talking to Johnny made it obvious that wasn't the case.

Then the letters came. One from Wyatt, one from Andrew.

A visit to Chris confirmed he'd gotten that same news. And that there didn't seem to be any magical way to get them back.

She made a few more calls to check up on people, wondering who else wasn't going to to answer.

Frustrated and angry, Isabel decided the best way to not think was to clean.

Loud music was blaring and the air smelled of pine cleaner.

The door, despite what she promised Chris, was open.
She'd needed last night, Isabel realized. After everything that had happened, she needed a night of being quiet and feeling safe.

Eventually she'd made it back to her room. After a shower, she'd called her mom, feigning surprise at the news of the destruction of the Meta-Chem, and quickly changing the subject to the cleaning supplies that were currently working busily around the room.

"I know mom," she said eventually. "Yes, we'll be out for dinner soon. I promise. Bye." Isabel hung up her phone and opened her laptop. Solitaire would be a good way to not think for the afternoon.

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Continued from Here and Here

And the rescue party arrives )

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After class, Isabel had headed off to the mainland on a mission to find the perfect birthday gifts for Wyatt. She had several ideas in mind but nothing concrete and was hoping that a few hours of dedicated searching through the mall in Alexandria would turn up the perfect gift.

It turned out there were several perfect birthday gifts and one or two for Valentine's Day as well.

Pleased with her finds, Isabel juggled the shopping bags and her purse as she walked across the parking lot while trying to dig out her car keys. She was completely unaware of the car that approached from behind or the fact that it swerved towards her and accelerated as the driver reached down to grab a ringing cell phone.

"Gotcha," Isabel muttered as her hand closed round her keys.

Then there was a sudden flash of pain before it all went black.

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