The party had been a success. Isabel had been up way too late, dancing and enjoying herself with old friends and new. Today was going to be for relaxing and doing some reading for class.

And hopefully eventually getting all the glitter out of her hair.

The door was open.
After visiting Cedric, Isabel returned to her room and straightened up for a bit, thinking about the past several days.

The new semester was off to a good start. She'd met new people and spent time with old people. Classes looked like they were going to be fun and she'd gotten a new job.

Cleaning up complete, Isabel sat down on her bed with the current copy of Vogue. She considered it homework for work.

The door was open.
The break week had started out fine. Isabel had helped Principal Washburn get rid of the pink, had dinner with Wyatt and spent time on the beach. Then she'd talked to Anakin. The quiet mood she'd been in after talking to him persisted and Isabel spent the day in her room reading and trying her hand at some sudoku puzzles.

The door was open.
Friday's classes had been mostly uneventful, well except for the whole double entendres thing. She was still amused about the whole fire hose conversation. Then there'd been lunch. And girlkissy. Isabel was still surprised they hadn't gotten in trouble, but then again, Umbridge might be holding off till Monday's announcements.

Things in her room are pretty well organized and ready to be packed, so Isabel took the opportunity to check out the games website Anders had recommended.

The door was open.
Between library and class, common rooms, helping out and visiting lots of people Isabel's kept herself busy for the last few days.

But tonight she's doing what she's put off for too long, and cleaning and organizing her room. Some of it will go home with her. The rest? Well, at least it'll be neat if someone has to clean it out.

The door was open.
Keeping busy was one way not to think. Between multiple common rooms and library, class and helping out Charlie, and a pleasant lunch of ice cream, Isabel has managed to avoid thinking about what was bothering her.

Tonight, the distraction was the gothic romance John had recommended to her in the library yesterday.

The door was open.
After a busy few days, Isabel was stretched out on her bed, reviewing her notes for Hunting.

The door was open.
All in all it had been a pretty busy week, between library duty, visits with friends, and lots of prom preparation. Saturday morning Isabel got up early and made a handwavey trip to town to check on the last minute details.

Late afternoon found her back in her room, busy getting ready and remembering last year when Xander and Bridge had been there to have dinner with.

Her mask was laying on her bed, as Isabel put on her dress and finished up her hair and make-up.
izzyalienqueen: (Joy)
After a night spent fighting Samuri Fishmen, and a busy day of classes, StuCo, visiting, and an assembly. Isabel was glad to get back to her room. Apologizing profusely, she locked Annie the cat in the bathroom, then set Jack the mouse down on her bed.

"There. Roam! Be free!" she laughed.

The door was open.
After the stress of yesterday, the charades, the magical solution, the discussion with the Halliwells, talking to Anders, and then a restless night's sleep disturbed by dreams of Bel and the Source, Isabel returned to her room after Revolutions and settled in for some comfort reading.

The door was open.
Isabel didn’t know where she was going when she left Ethics class. But after seeing Jack and talking to Vader and River, she just wanted to get away from the school and anyone that would ask or could even see what was going on in her head.

Eventually her path led her into the preserve to Meerkat. The door was locked, but it only took her a moment to use her powers to open it. She made her way to her alcove and sat down on the bed, pulling up her legs and resting her head on her knees, trying hard not to think about anything.

Outside the cabin, the sky grew dark. Inside, the last three nights of interrupted and uneasy sleep finally caught up with her and Isabel dozed off.

She was back in the control room )

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