Isabel had had a busy week being pretty social since she'd returned to Fandom after spending the holidays in Roswell. It had been enjoyable, but surprisingly enough she was looking forward to the arrival of the new people and the start of classes. It was weird and in some ways sad to think it was for the last time.

There was a stack of blankets on the extra bed, ready for her trip out tonight to see the meteor shower, but for now Isabel was stretched out comfortably on her bed doing a little web surfing.

The door was open.
After last night's festivities and working today, Isabel was ready for a quiet night in. She made herself a hot chocolate, minus the whipped cream because she was still semi-traumatized, then settled in to write a few more essays.

The door was open.

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Isabel had spent a long time in the shower scrubbing off the feel of quicksand and spider guts. When she was done, she dressed in her comfiest pajamas and sprawled across her bed, pushing aside the college applications in favor of a good book.

It had been a day.

The door was open.
After staying up way too late after her date Saturday night, Isabel spent Sunday working on essays and applications with a short break to answer an email.

Monday morning Charlie had convinced her take a few hours and go for a drive, which she had enjoyed. It was nice to see the leaves change colors and to browse through the giant rummage sale. Strangely, the game had been silent since the bought it.

But once they returned to Fandom, Isabel went back to work on her applications. The November first early admission deadline was approaching and she still wasn't sure what to do.

The door was open.
Reality TV common room - Johnny, Wyatt, Charlie

Pixie Dust - Jaina, Hoshi, Mary, Robin, Anders

Park with Anakin
The nice thing about how Isabel's classes were scheduled was that the week ended on Wednesday. Five day weekends were wonderful, although to be honest, her current schedule left her plenty of time to mock musicians, email or otherwise be social. She'd even had time to investigate a newcomer and discuss her worries about him. Just to be on the safe side, Isabel decided to check with some other sources. Picking up the phone, she dialed a number.

The door was open.
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After thinking quite a bit, and listening to last night's radio one more time, Isabel finally had an idea about what to do to annoy Umbridge for what she did to Johnny and Peter.

Smirking a lot, Isabel sat on her bed with her laptop and Photoshop up and running.

The door was open.
Between library and class, common rooms, helping out and visiting lots of people Isabel's kept herself busy for the last few days.

But tonight she's doing what she's put off for too long, and cleaning and organizing her room. Some of it will go home with her. The rest? Well, at least it'll be neat if someone has to clean it out.

The door was open.
Keeping busy was one way not to think. Between multiple common rooms and library, class and helping out Charlie, and a pleasant lunch of ice cream, Isabel has managed to avoid thinking about what was bothering her.

Tonight, the distraction was the gothic romance John had recommended to her in the library yesterday.

The door was open.
Unable to get to sleep, Isabel flipped on her light and reached for a book. But once she opened it, she found she wasn't able to concentrate on the words on the page. Instead she thought back on the day. Surprisingly, saying goodbye to Aeryn hadn't been as hard as she thought it would be. It wasn't that Isabel wasn't going to miss her, maybe it was just that she'd gotten numb from too many goodbyes over the last few months. The football game had been fun and an unexpected call lifted her spirits enough that realizing what day it was didn't send her into an emo tailspin.

So there really wasn't a reason for her to be awake. Except the one on her calendar. August was coming closer.

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Isabel had remembered how it was when she first came back to Fandom and she wanted to give Jack time. So she spent Friday helping Charlie, saying good-bye to Zero, and then going to dinner with Peter. This morning she'd gone for brunch and shopping with Parker. Eventually though, she'd had to go down to Jack's room. They'd talked but it had been uncomfortable and strange and Isabel wondered if it would ever be the same again.

The radio was playing but Isabel wasn't really paying attention.
Friday had been Flight, the waterfight, checking up on Peter, and patrolling with Mel. On Saturday, Isabel had checked up on Charlie. On Sunday, she'd cooked. Today was the Newbie Welcome Picnic.

All that time with people meant that Isabel was quite happy to settle in with a book for the evening.

Annie was rolling around on the floor with a catnip toy and the door was open.

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Peter had been quiet during the walk back from the barbeque, and he slipped away to his room as soon as they reached the fourth floor. Reluctantly Isabel let him go.

She let herself into her own room and flopped down on the bed, thinking back over the last twenty four hours. The the beach had been lots of fun. Even if some conversations were decidedly unhappy. Fortunately other conversations made up for it. Breakfast had been entertaining and she'd been able to help Aravis.

All in all, life was good. She should be happy, but Isabel couldn't forget how quickly August was approaching.

Flipping on the radio, she stared at the ceiling.

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After a weekend of fun and a surprisingly deep conversation, Monday brought workshops of insanity and brain-breaking. Isabel was still chuckling when she returned to her room after workshops. With nothing pressing to do, Isabel opened her laptop and started to search for some decent Supers fanfic.
Monday had been busy with workshops. Tuesday was library, dress shopping and a surprise call from her mom inviting Isabel to drive up to Baltimore and spend a day or two with with her parents while her dad met with a client.

She'd returned late Thursday night so she wouldn't miss Flight or the Fun Run and boy was she glad she did. Although of course now Isabel was wondering who was going to buy dinner.

There wasn't much to unpack, so Isabel quickly hung it up, then reached for the novel she'd picked up at the hotel.

The door was open.
Isabel had considered going to the beach for an evening swim after spending the afternoon roasting while wearing her costume at the Renaissance Faire but the approaching storms put an end to that plan. Which meant looked like her mostly quiet week was going to continue.

After showering and putting on some comfy clothes, she stretched out on her bed with her laptop and started to write some emails.

The door was open.
Library with visits from Anders and Karal

Astronomy 101 with Cedric

Campfire with Katara, Tori, Charlie McGee

Flight and talking to Anakin and Gavin

Pix Spam to Parker
After getting a few hours sleep this morning and then a handwavey because OMG RL kicked my ass today trip to town to talk to the sheriff and have ice cream with Peter, Isabel returned to the cabin well before dark and sat down to write a letter.

Dear Jack )

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