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Current circumstances meant Isabel had developed a new habit, grabbing her phone from the nightstand and checking for messages before she'd even gotten out of bed. Now that Parker was in Fandom, she didn't expect many more messages. This morning she was wrong.

The first message made Isabel laugh. She remembered Cuban Pete.

The second...not so much with the laughing there

Isabel wasn't surprised when she tried to call back and the call didn't go through.

This was not going to be a good day.
It shouldn't have been a surprise. It was March. Isabel had been holding her breath waiting for whatever trauma the universe was going to dump on her this year. After all, it wasn't as if the last three years had been all that peaceful.

Still, in the grand scheme of things, a persistent portal that grabbed her on her way to the library and deposited her in a rather swank hotel room on the Vegas Strip wasn't all that bad, Isabel thought. Until she looked out the window and realized that it wasn't her Vegas strip. The differences were subtle but it was enough for Isabel to realize that she was somewhere she didn't belong. Especially when she had an exam in an hour.

Fortunately she had an interdimensional Bridge-phone and a boyfriend that could orb. She'd be back in time to get a coffee before class.

Except her phone – the one that was never supposed to fail – chose that moment to not work.


Two hours later, after repeated calls to the Portalocity customer service desk that ended with a message of "all circuits are busy, please call back later", Isabel was ready to pitch the hotel phone across the room.

Instead, she grabbed her purse and left the room. She'd get a coffee. Take a walk. Check out the tourists and then try Portalocity later.

It was a just weirdness. She was used to weirdness. She'd cope and if all went well she'd be home in time for the weekend.

[For one...]
Despite having fun at Alec's party last night, Isabel wasn't in the greatest of moods as she wandered about her room straightening up. Her package hadn't been delivered and she'd had to say goodbye to both Alanna and Greg.

Grumbling as she put the last of her clean laundry away, Isabel flopped down on the bed and reached for a book.

The door was open.
After a the hectic pace of the last few weeks, Isabel was grateful for some downtime, even if it meant she had too much time to think about fun with the kids and saying goodbye.

But things were slowly returning to normal. She'd covered library, had breakfast with Cedric, spent time with friends, and fulfilled StuCo responsibilities. Looking at the two packages sitting on her desk, Isabel realized that some things had slipped through the cracks. She made two phone calls then settled down to do some studying.
After visiting and having dinner with Cedric and Aiden and then dropping Alexandria off at Jack's, Isabel had stopped by Greg's and picked up Josh. Several movies, paper clip races and a pillow fight later, Josh had finally fallen asleep.

Isabel was sprawled on her bed, wondering if she should ever try to explain this weekend to her mother.

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Isabel wasn't certain what time she finally got home after prom night. All she knew was it was late and she was exhausted from dancing and excitement.

It was after twelve when she finally woke up, and much later when she finally got off the phone with her mother. Diane Evans had enjoyed hearing all the details about prom, and now that she finally knew the truth about her daughter, she liked hearing stories about her friends.

After finally hanging up the phone, Isabel opened the door to her room and stretched out on her bed to read, stopping occasionally to smile at the tiara on her desk.

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So the week hadn't been going too badly. Isabel had spent time with Cedric and Jack, contemplated a career as a jewel thief with Parker, signed a petition, hunted zombies and played at angels and demons.

Then she had a conversation.

Isabel sighed and stared at her phone. Talking to Greg only reminded her that she had yet to call her parents or anyone in Roswell. But she still had no idea what to say.

Looking for anything else to think about, she turned to Annie, giving her the barest smile as the cat stared at the sealed shut sock drawer in the dresser.

The door was open.

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Not quite ready to face people, Isabel spent the day in her room catching up on radio and attempting to review and remember homework and reading she last looked at six months ago.

The radio was playing softly and the door was half open.
After the Perk, Isabel returned to her room, made a few handwavey phone calls and then tried to pack. If you can call randomly taking things in and out of drawers packing. Annie sat on the bed watching her, seeming to sense something was going on.

The door was cracked open.

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Talking to Peter still being played had made Max's call that much more real. Isabel returned to her room, made several phone calls, and then sat on her bed trying to figure out how to break the news.

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Isabel was half asleep on her bed, rewatching one of her favorite episodes of Mr. What and not thinking about class today.

The door was closed.

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Over all it's been a good weekend. The dance was wonderful, and weetiny adults were amusing and entertaining. Even if some of them did leave weird phone messages.

The overall good mood allowed her to forget about any weirdness, well other then being grateful that it didn't seem to have a lasting effect. It also let an unexpected conversation count as odd, rather then disturbing.

The door was open and Isabel could be heard occasionally singing along as she cleaned her room.

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Isabel woke up after a much needed nap and stretched, thinking about the events of the last twenty-four hours. Only in Fandom could a simple movie night with friends turn into a collective nightmare. And despite knowing everyone really was okay, she'd still been too keyed up to sleep although the visit to Jack had helped calm her nerves enough that she'd been able to visit Phoebe and then get to her classes.

With a sigh, Isabel climbed out of bed and began to get ready for the dance.

The door was closed but completely knockable.
It had been an extremely long two days. Between finding out Jack was in the clinic and getting him settled in his room yesterday, then spending the day with him today only to leave for a trip to the Underworld and the death of a friend, Isabel was physically and emotionally exhausted when she returned to her room.

She made a call to Greg to let him know she was back, then disappeared into the bathroom for a long, hot shower.
Cold and tired, Isabel opened the door to her room, smiling to find a solid and sleeping Greg in her bed.

It had been way too long a day. )

A short while later, after a long, hot shower and dressed in her warmest, comfiest pajamas, Isabel slid into the bed and snuggled up to Greg. She was asleep within minutes.

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This is Isabel in her room watching the download of last week's episode of Spooky Things. Damn the boys are pretty.

The door was open.
After the stress of yesterday, the charades, the magical solution, the discussion with the Halliwells, talking to Anders, and then a restless night's sleep disturbed by dreams of Bel and the Source, Isabel returned to her room after Revolutions and settled in for some comfort reading.

The door was open.
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After returning from waking up with Cedric, Isabel made a few phone calls, then spent a few minutes fixing what she could of her door.

That done, she curled up on her bed and tried not to shudder as she remembered the weekend. Bel and Dawn, the offer of a threesome. Anders. The creature on the roof. Zero and her camera, a memory which prompted another phone call. Caritas with Greg. And Cedric. Going back to Cedric's room.

Isabel whimpered.

The door was as closed as a door minus a doorknob could be.

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After a quick trip down the hall and a weekend of being entirely too damn social, Isabel is ready for a quiet night in with a good book.

The radio's playing, Annie's curled up on her feet and the door is open.
Isabel hit the common room kitchen after Hunting to make a quick batch of brownies, then made a quick trip down the hall to wave them in front of someone's door, and then returned to her room to write an email to Maria.

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She hit send, then opened up her browser and started browsing some of the Mr. What message boards looking for spoilers on the new season.



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