Top Model - Meg & Wyatt

Pixie Dust - Andrew

Campfire - Luke, English Peter

Luau - Jen, Dean

Chris's Birthday - Chris, Xander, Wyatt
It had been a typical week in Fandom. Isabel had caught up with people and enjoyed a bit of gremlin induced hijinks.

After closing up Pixie Dust, she'd returned to her room, dried off and settled in to work on her essay for Dr. Wilson's class.

She had no idea what other people had to deal with that day.
Peter had been quiet during the walk back from the barbeque, and he slipped away to his room as soon as they reached the fourth floor. Reluctantly Isabel let him go.

She let herself into her own room and flopped down on the bed, thinking back over the last twenty four hours. The the beach had been lots of fun. Even if some conversations were decidedly unhappy. Fortunately other conversations made up for it. Breakfast had been entertaining and she'd been able to help Aravis.

All in all, life was good. She should be happy, but Isabel couldn't forget how quickly August was approaching.

Flipping on the radio, she stared at the ceiling.

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The number of candles Isabel had burning to light up the living room would probably make a fire marshall nervous but she wasn't about to put them out.

Her laptop battery had run down, so she settled for sitting on the floor and playing solitare the old fashioned way. With a deck of cards.

It was weird being back in the cabins. Used to the quiet of her room, the noises of other people breathing and moving about as they got ready for bed reminded Isabel of her time in the Royalist camp in Antar.

Not willing to dwell on that unhappy time, she focused on the events of the last two days: laughing with Katara, giving Jack her memories, John and Aeryn's engagement party, the move to the cabin.

Really the only unhappy event had been saying good-bye to Peter. But given her new belated birthday present, Isabel wasn't willing to rule out a road trip before August.

She refused to think about what she was going to have to do tomorrow.

Waving her hand, she turned on the star light, then stretched out on her bed and closed her eyes.

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Despite having fun at Alec's party last night, Isabel wasn't in the greatest of moods as she wandered about her room straightening up. Her package hadn't been delivered and she'd had to say goodbye to both Alanna and Greg.

Grumbling as she put the last of her clean laundry away, Isabel flopped down on the bed and reached for a book.

The door was open.
After the craziness of the last few days, Isabel was grateful for the chance to actually sit and relax for the night. Going for Jack's tattoo and crashing in his room seemed like a long time ago.

But, between dancing with Luke and Anakin, laughing with Cedric, and hanging out with Jack, teasing Xander and watching fireworks with Peter, she'd had fun at the Seahorse party even if the thought of radio still made her twitch. Then again, if she hadn't heard radio, she would have been a little more shocked when Capt. Jack joined her for breakfast Saturday morning.

Then on Saturday, there was graduation. And the school blew up.

Sitting on her bed, Isabel was sorting through copies of the pictures she'd gotten developed.

The door was open.
Still beyond pleased that they actually were able to pull it off, Isabel returned from Rikku's and made a phone call. Then she opened up her laptop and started tracking down spoilers for the season finales of all her favorite shows.

[The door, like the post is open.]
A week that had included library duty, a night out at Caritas, movies with a friend, exams, and plotting a rescue mission meant that Isabel was pretty damn tired when she went to bed on Friday night. Unfortunately the conversation with Rikku brought memories and Isabel didn't actually get into a deep sleep until some time just before dawn. She slept till noon when the sound of yelling and chaos in the hallways woke her.

A quick look out her door found Isabel shutting it quickly. Beyond grateful to whatever quirk of Fandom left her still eighteen, she decided an afternoon with a good book was much better then weetiny chaos.

After a quiet afternoon, Isabel finally got out her camera and opened her door.
Lonnie slowly woke up, cursing quietly because her head hurt so badly. Without moving, she thought back over her night, trying to figure out what the hell she did to make it feel like she and Rath had spent the night drinking, smoking and playing some of their more kinkier games.

She remembered hanging out on the street corner. That one guy was hot but there was no way she was gonna pay. Then the two other likely prospects got distracted by that bitch. The bar looked like a good place to pass some time, even if the old guy did want to see ID.

Then she left...and met up with that blonde and her furry friend. It was all a blank after that.

A soft rumble caught her attention. Lonnie waved her hand and the lights came on. "The hell?" she yelled, staring at the thing sleeping on her floor. She picked up the nearest thing at hand, a book, and threw it.
After a quick trip down the hall and a weekend of being entirely too damn social, Isabel is ready for a quiet night in with a good book.

The radio's playing, Annie's curled up on her feet and the door is open.
Isabel had thought long and hard about it and finally decided that the best way to approach Max was through an email. She wasn't ready to hear him yell or even worse hang up on her. An email, copied to both Michael, Liz and Maria would probably be the best way to ensure he found out the truth.

Dear Max )

She sent the email and sighed. It was out of her hands now. Pushing thoughts of Max out of her head, she found them replaced by worries about Peter and Luke. Shaking her head at her inability to do anything for them, Isabel grabbed a piece of string from the kitty toy box and started to play with Annie to try and distract herself.

The door was open.

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Even with the campfire, it had eventually gotten too cold to stay outside. Isabel returned to her room, pleased with her plans for the upcoming week, handwavey lunch and Halloween shopping with Jack on Sunday, a potential trip to DC with Peter and whoever else they could rope into on Thursday, and of course whatever wackiness Fandom might throw at them for Halloween.

Isabel had originally planned on doing some reading and then going to sleep, the sugar buzz from all those marshmallows changed that. Instead she was having a very animated conversation about Christmas preparations with Annie as she paced about the room, occasionally stopping to write something in a notebook on her desk.
Friday Isabel was recruited for a rescue mission. Saturday she visited another planet for the first time. She wasn't surprised when a fight broke out but it didn't matter since they'd found Aeryn and were able to get home with no one seriously injured. Well, at least physically. Isabel was worried about Aeryn but figured she needed a few days without people poking at her.

She opened the door to her room, greeted a meowing Annie, and immediately reached for her phone to leave a message. After that it was time to hit the shower, change into some comfy clothes and then raid the common room kitchen for food.

Immediate needs met, Isabel settled down on her bed with a book to read and relax. Within minutes she fell into a light doze.

The door was open.
After Interstellar Relations, Isabel returned to her room, booted up the laptop and started to surf through political blogs in preparation for Wednesday's Political Campaigning class. Occasionally she needed to move Annie when she tried to curl up on the laptop keyboard.

The door was open.
It had taken a while to clean up the common room after feeding a small army of students. Isabel hadn't cared, it gave her time to process what Luke had told her about Anakin and what Bridge had told her about Xander. Maybe that's why she got so frustrated with Bel, she wasn't ready to lose another friend. But despite all that it was nice to just hang out and talk to both new and not so new people.

After a long, steamy shower that muffled the sound of any tears, Isabel dressed in her comfy pajamas and sat on her bed with her laptop in her lap. It only took a few minutes to type up a message and only a few minutes more for a mail undeliveable message to appear. Silently Isabel closed the laptop and put aside before stretching out on her bed. It took a long time for her to get to sleep.



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